The different meanings of dreaming about honey: the sweetest dreams

the different meanings of dreaming about honey

Surely more than once you have dreamed of bees and maybe you have done it in its most positive sense or at worst the dream has transmitted a huge discomfort to you. But to dream of honey, bees do not always have to appear. Honey is one of the most nutritious foods out there and contains many benefits and properties, so you can imagine that your dream with honey will almost always be positive, they are the sweetest dreams . Do you want to know its meaning? We tell you about it in our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream of honey?

Are bees responsible for producing honey, a food that has sometimes been considered sacred along with milk. The magic implicit in honey comes in part from the way it is made; It is made with flowers , but you don’t need to destroy the flowers to make it, just transform those flowers. That is why we can add to the symbolism of honey in dreams that of flowers , thereby increasing the feeling of well-being.

Honey is associated in ancient cultures and also in dreams with spirituality, emotional development, immortality, vital force, vigor, health, balance, calm, and peace. And honey mixed with water also works as a purifying element as we can see in many sacred rituals in ancient times.

Already today, we see how honey is one of the most nutritious foods with beneficial properties for the body. It works as a prevention and as a curative remedy for many ailments. But it is that honey is also a sweet food that accompanies many desserts, a very clear symbol of joy and happiness .

The different meanings of dreaming about honey

As you can see, dreaming of honey has very positive implications and it can be very useful to know the meaning of the most frequent dreams about this product that bees give us.

+ Dream about a spoonful of honey

Do you need an extra energy? Sometimes your strength runs out and you feel like you need a little push . This dream in which you take a spoonful of honey reflects that moment of emotional fatigue and it is fortunate , because you have found the problem in the beginning . Don’t let that tiredness turn into exhaustion.

+ Dreaming that you are covered in honey

Your body covered in honey can be a scene from an erotic dream but we do not advise you to try to make it come true. Covering your body with honey symbolizes your need to grow emotionally , to give your life meaning. Sometimes you can also have this dream because you feel weak and need some protection.

+ Dreaming that honey sticks to your fingers

Although most dreams about honey have positive meanings, this dream stands out for the discomfort caused by the sticky sensation of honey. That you have it in the fingers of your hands indicates that there is something that prevents you from acting freely , that something is limiting your movements. What is it about? You will have to find out when you wake up.

+ Dream about honey pots

Surely you are looking in your kitchen cabinets and you are surprised because there are a lot of jars of honey, more than you usually have time to consume. It is a dream of foresight understanding honey in its healing and protective facet. Is it a premonitory dream of a losing streak? It is not that it is a premonition, it is that inside you already know that something is wrong in your life and that the consequences will be seen very soon.

+ Dream that honey is bitter

Another negative dream about honey that, in this case, does not taste sweet, but bitter. It is not its usual flavor, that is clear, so you have to stay alert. Because there is something or, rather, someone who is transforming joys into sadness , happiness into disappointment. Do you know who is this about? Search very close to you.

+ Dreaming that you see how bees make honey

This dream signals your curious spirit. You want to know how that kind of miracle is produced that bees work to fly from flower to flower , collect nectar and turn it into this almost magical food. But take a step further in this dream, because maybe you are not interested in beekeeping, that the dream is only a symbol. A symbol and an injection of encouragement to focus on what really interests you in your life.

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