The fear of the color white exists: this is leukophobia


Many phobias are surprising to us because we do not see any danger in the stimulus that causes that irrational and excessive fear. This is the case of leukophobia or fear of the color white , a disorder that exists and that introduces many limitations and problems in the lives of people who suffer from it. If you want to know more about leukophobia, we will tell you about it in our dictionary of phobias .

What is leukophobia

Leukophobia is the fear of the color white. It may be strange for us to be afraid of a color, but we have already seen it in our dictionary of phobias in the case of the phobia of green or the fear of yellow . This type of disorder finds a general name in chromatophobia or fear of colors and it is to be expected the large number of limitations that it implies.

Because what happens when you are afraid of the color white? As with other phobias, the first reaction is avoidance and the truth is that the color white cannot be avoided . You can avoid wearing white clothes, you can avoid having that color at home, but the moment you go out, this seemingly harmless color invades all places.

What are the symptoms of leukophobia

It is quite a problem. Because you can not run away or avoid the target, an instinctive reaction when fear appears. People who suffer from leukophobia experience all the symptoms of anxiety , such as dizziness, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, tremors and it is common for them to reach a panic attack , since they cannot escape from this stressful situation.

It is important to understand the amount of problems and limitations caused by this phobia of the color white, a disorder that can lead to another such as agoraphobia , since the person tries by all means to limit their trips away from home where they have no control over the colors that can be found along the way. Leukophobia causes social isolation , in addition to obvious work problems and a loss of self-esteem, being that person aware that their fear of white is irrational. But you can’t help it.

Causes of leukophobia

The question we all ask ourselves is what happens for a fear like leukophobia to develop. The answer is found, as always, in a traumatic experience related to this color, but it is true that it does not seem enough, right? In cases of phobic disorders, it can be. And we can add a certain degree of superstition to it, as happens with xanthophobia or the fear of yellow.

At the origin of this color phobia we can more easily assume an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is generated in the face of a dangerous situation, real or imagined, to make us alert and to be able to react. When you have anxiety problems that danger is more imaginary than real and can arise anywhere and with any stimulus.

How to overcome leukophobia

It is important to seek a treatment for leukophobia and more taking into account the amount of limitations that are created in the life of the person who suffers from it. Psychotherapy is the best option in order to overcome this phobia and protect yourself from the appearance of other disorders in the future. And the most effective treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy.

In addition to psychological treatment, the use of drugs is not ruled out in some cases of phobias, at least for a time. And what should be used at all times is the practice of relaxation techniques due to the high degree of anxiety suffered in these cases.

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