The love rituals that will best suit you in summer

the love rituals that will best suit you in summer

The summer is a time to relax and enjoy to the maximum. There are more hours of daylight and nature is teeming with life. Therefore, doing love rituals in summer is a great idea because they work better than at other times of the year. Do you want to know what are the most convenient rituals now? Take note.

Perfect romantic rituals for summer

+ Ritual to find a summer love . The heat, the endless nights and the relaxation make it the ideal time to fall in love . If you want to find a new partner this summer, write down the ingredients of the following ritual: two tablespoons of coarse salt, a glass bowl with water, a sprig of rosemary and a lemon. If you can, do the ritual on the beach using seawater. Pour the salt into the bowl and stir with the rosemary sprig three times in each direction. Place a lemon wedge in the center. While holding the bowl in your hands, recite: ‘salt, rosemary and lemon, a fresh love, a simple and light love will come to my heart this season.’

+ Ritual for a perfect vacation with your partner . During the holidays small conflicts usually arise between couples. Avoid them with this simple ritual . In a bowl of water, pour three tablespoons of white sugar. Put your right hand in the bowl and closing your eyes, recite: ‘Our love will be sweet, like a soft song. Out of trouble, out of drama. Everything will be easy and nothing will get in the way. ‘

+ Ritual to love yourself more in summer . Do a love ritual so that you value yourself more during this precious time of year. In a bowl with a teaspoon of water, add another of honey along with three lavender flowers . Stir with the index finger of the left hand and let it soak in well with the mixture. Now draw a heart with that finger on the back of the right hand. Give him a kiss in the center and focus on what you like the most about yourself.

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