The love rituals that will save your relationship from disaster

the love rituals that will save your relationship from disaster

There are times when the relationship with our partner can get out of hand. We let other people or complicated personal situations influence us and that can ruin everything we have built so far. Fortunately, in addition to making an effort so that these things do not affect us, we can also count on the extra help of magical rituals . Take note of what you need to do because they can save your relationship.

Rituals to save your relationship

+ Ritual that prevents problems: there are certain problems that are not seen coming, but there are others that begin to come between you little by little. So that those do not end up catching on with you, try the following ritual. You only need a pencil and paper to do it and be in a place surrounded by nature . Give a name to that small problem that can become a more serious one. If you identify it well and delve into its roots, it will cost you less to prevent it from spreading . Write it down on paper. Hold it in your hands and recite three times: ‘Get out, get out. We want you out of our lives. ‘ Then tear the paper into three parts.

+ Ritual for resolving conflicts: Once the conflict is in full swing, it is important to fix things as soon as possible so that the problem that has arisen between you does not fester. In this case, you must perform the ritual at night. The ingredients you need are: a sprig of thyme and another of rosemary (if you can’t find them, the dried leaves from the spice jars also work well), a white handkerchief and lime zest. Stand cross-legged in the center of the bed you share and spread the handkerchief. Put a little lime zest in the center and the branches of the aromatic herbscrossed over. Recite: ‘our love is stronger than any problem. We want to fix it and for everything to go back to the way it was. ‘ Close the scarf and put it under the pillow for one night.

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