The meaning of dreaming of a prison: do you lack freedom?

the meaning of dreaming of a prison

Prison is the place where we feel trapped and without freedom. Its symbolism is clear in terms of the concern that a dream in which we are locked in a cell transmits to us. But dreaming of a prison takes on many more meanings depending on the context. Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming of a prison ? Find out in our dream dictionary .

Dreaming of being locked up in a jail: what does it mean?

When you dream that you are locked up in a jail, the dream often turns into a real nightmare. As you are surely an honest person who follows the laws, dreaming of a prison does not reflect your fear of being arrested and locked up , but rather your feeling of being confined, suffocating and being trapped in a life that is not the one that you are. like.

Therefore, dreaming of a prison can teach you a lot about your wishes and the path to happiness if you know how to reflect. Your love life can also be reflected in your dreams of prisons; If you dream that your partner is in jail , it means that you do not fully trust him. So you better check the state of your relationship and your distrust of your love.

It is also common to dream of children in jail, a dream that leaves you feeling powerless and injustice and that means that you are afraid of not measuring up , not being able to handle so many responsibilities and making a mistake that could influence the life of others. And when it is the adults who are in jail that you dream of, what you are reflecting is your concern for those people, because you fear that they will not be happy or that they will encounter important problems in their lives.

Meaning of getting out of jail in your dreams

The situations in which prisons can appear in your dreams are very different and their interpretation will vary depending on your life context. Being locked up in a jail can also mean that you feel misunderstood or rejected by your inner circle. Or even that you feel guilty for hurting someone and need to ask for forgiveness .

Getting out of jail is also a recurring motif in dreams and is a liberation on a personal level . This dream usually takes place after having spent a season unsatisfied with your life and, finally, you have freed yourself from social pressure and have started to pursue your dreams without taking into account the criticism of others.

Although the meaning of that liberation in dreams, when the prison door is finally opened for you to go outside, it may have a meaning related to health . If you have been ill for some time, the dream announces recovery from your illness .

The different meanings of dreaming of a prison

We have already advanced some of the meanings of dreaming of a prison , but for a more precise interpretation you have to know all the details of the dream and also resort to your vital context. These are the most frequent dreams of jail.

+ Dreaming that you are the jailer

You are the jailer and you have a lot of people locked up. It may not be a prison as such, but a dungeon. This dream responds to those moments of frustration in which you hope that life is fair and puts each person in their place. You may have noticed that, no matter how much they say, sometimes that does not happen and people who harm you continue their lives as if nothing had happened. In your dream it is your turn to impart justice or even revenge , but do not transfer it to real life.

+ Dreaming that you are alone in a cell

The bars, the lack of freedom , the loneliness. You don’t talk to anyone. Maybe you are not in jail, but someone is holding you prisoner in a punishment cell. Pay attention to guilt because it is often unmotivated. And pay attention also to whether you are living a life corseted in the expectations of others and you are leaving aside what you really want to live .

+ Dream of life in jail

There is a very curious dream in which you are a recluse and you see everyday scenes of your life in prison. Contrary to what it may seem, it is not a nightmare, but rather it conveys feelings of companionship as if you were in a boarding school. This dream talks about your social relationships, which are not going as well as you expected and perhaps the time has come for a change of scene.

+ Dreaming that your family is in jail

In this case, it is a nightmare because it is your family that is in jail. Despite the visits, they are far from you, you cannot share family moments with them. So wake up, because this dream is coming true not in the form of your imprisoned family, but in the form of an emotional distancing that must be solved as soon as possible.

+ Dreaming about escaping from jail

Do you feel the freedom? Sure. But first you will feel fear of being captured while you try, concern that the escape will go well, doubts about the future. And first of all … you will have to have planned it perfectly. And now that you are free, what are you going to do? Wake up because you don’t have to break out of jail, but maybe you do have to run out of your own life .

Why do you dream of a jail

Dreams with jails, with prisons, with dungeons or with confinements in general have a very clear symbolism and it is obviously negative. This is how you feel, prisoner, but of what? You will have to find out when you wake up. You may feel like a prisoner in a place where you don’t fit in, in a family that maintains a tight grip on you, in a toxic relationship, in friendships that long ago stopped having anything in common with you, or in a job that makes you unhappy.

But you can also feel a prisoner of yourself when you are going through a difficult emotional moment, when you have anxiety, when you suffer from depression or in one of those classic life crises. So when dreaming of a jail you will have to look around you and also inside yourself.

And yet, the jail in dreams can serve precisely to wake up. Do not take it as a punishment, as a nightmare or as something you deserve, but as a warning or a sign of how you feel. If you are a prisoner in your own life, you will have to do something about it, right? You will have to regain freedom and you can only achieve that by spreading your wings and flying .

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