The meanings of dreams in another language, how do you analyze them

the meanings of dreams in another language how do you analyze them

The interpretation of your dreams in other languages

They say that when you dream in another language that you are learning it is because you have already assimilated it, but the truth is that it is possible to dream in English or in any other language even if you do not have knowledge of that language. How can this happen? Well, we have to go once again to the magic of the dream world. However, apart from magic, these dreams in English also have their meaning and that is what we are going to reveal to you in our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream in english

Dreams in English are frequent when you are learning the language, when you are doing a course or even when you have done a marathon of series in English. There are many variants of this type of dream and its meaning varies if you feel comfortable speaking English, if they understand you or not, if others also speak English, if you are in a foreign country or if you are speaking English in your own environment. .

As you can see, you have to take into account many aspects of the dream to arrive at its meaning. But we can advance some of its interpretation. Dreaming in English is interpreted, as you can imagine, in terms of communication. It is a dream that talks about how you communicate with others , but not only about linguistic communication. The key is: how do you relate to your environment?

Therefore, dreaming in English can clarify many things about your social life , your self-esteem , your abilities or skills, how you manage the resources you have, your ability to adapt, your relationship with the environment, if you feel understood or excluded, if it gives you the feeling of being out of place or not, if you feel accepted or not, if you can be yourself, how brave you are, everything you are capable of.

Dreams in English have important messages and it doesn’t matter if in your real life you know the language or not . It should be noted that the most frequent dream is in English because it is the closest language, but in reality you can dream in any other language and the meaning would be practically the same. Are we going to an evening English class?

All the meanings of dreaming in English according to the type of dream

Spending the night talking and listening to English can be exhausting. If you have ever studied English and had to do some kind of linguistic immersion, you will know how difficult it is to come to think of a language that is not your mother tongue. Let’s see if your dream is just as complicated as in real life .

+Dreaming that you speak English when in real life you do not know the language

It is a most surprising dream because you see yourself speaking the language fluently. Attention because what the dream wants to point out to you is that you have a series of skills and abilities , not necessarily with languages, that you are not using or that you have not yet discovered . Do not miss this touch of attention that will help you discover aspects of yourself that will be very useful.

+Dreaming that you speak English in a foreign country

English is the usual language we use when we are in another country. The meaning of this dream will depend on whether you are in another country on vacation, if you have settled there to work or if you do not even know the reason why you are in that other country. But in any case you can take the basis of its interpretation which is your ability to adapt and the need for a major change in your life or in the way you relate to your environment.

+Dreaming that you speak English and they don’t understand you

You are speaking English perfectly but they don’t understand you. Perhaps because you are in Spain, for example, and you have entered a greengrocer and you have started to order your purchase in English. They obviously don’t understand you. And the dream speaks of that vital moment that you are going through in which you feel misunderstood or out of place . You feel different and that is not negative, what is negative is that because your environment is different, it does not accept you.

+Dreaming that you speak English with your family and friends

In your real life you communicate with your family and friends in Spanish. Why are you doing it in English in this dream? Because the time has come to change the way you communicate with your environment , because communication is not working so far, because you want to express more things or in another way, because you have the need to interact with them with more freedom.

+Dreaming that they speak to you in English and you don’t understand anything

It can turn into a nightmare because life around you is working in English and you don’t understand anything. What’s going on? Once again you feel out of place, that you don’t fit in . Furthermore, it can be a self-esteem problem because you feel unable to understand others and make yourself understood . And always remember that in these dreams in English we are not talking only about verbal communication.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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