The moorings of love that will not help you to be happy

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The ties of love are a kind of magic somewhat risky . While it is true that sometimes they can help us , there are others when they can make us very unhappy . Therefore, so that you are clear when it is better to let certain situations pass , no matter how painful they may seem, and not make any mooring , we are going to give you a detailed list of the moorings that will never make you happy.

Moorings that you should avoid if you want to be happy

+ Tie to get someone to love you . As you already know, moorings are used to change the will of the people around us. When you make a tie to get someone to fall in love with you, you are only fooling yourself. The tie may work for a while, but afterwards, that person will feel like before and you will have only lived an illusion.

+ Revenge moorings . There are moorings that can be used to get revenge on someone . No matter how bad someone else’s behavior may have been, it is not worth wasting our energy on them, not even to make them pay for what they have done to you . Practicing this type of magic will only make you more unhappy and bring you closer to dark practices.

+ Tie to cause a break . Like crush tie-ins, break-up tie-ups will only cause you suffering. What’s more, they will also cause it to the people you make to break up. Do not get carried away by envy and bad feelings as these will harm you emotionally and make you very unhappy.

+ Tie to get an ex back . When your partner broke up with you, he did it for a reason, that you do not understand or do not share it does not imply that that person did not have his reasons. You must assume what happened and turn the page, remaining anchored in the past will bring you nothing but unhappiness.

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