The most frequent dreams and nightmares at Christmas (with their meaning)

dreams and nightmares at christmas

We associate Christmas with the family, with nostalgia, illusion, the absence of loved ones and with childhood. Therefore, it is normal that, when the Christmas season approaches , all these areas and emotions come to light in our dreams …

What are the most frequent dreams at Christmas ? Is it normal to have more nightmares on these dates? How to interpret these dream experiences?

In Diario Femenino we tell you everything you need to know about Christmas dreams and their meaning !

The meaning of the most common dreams at Christmas

+ Dream about christmas

Dreaming about Christmas , in general, usually means that you miss your childhood ; although these dreams are also closely related to your family relationships . If your feelings when you wake up are positive it means that you have a close family, however if this dream causes you nervousness it means that you have a family problem that you need to solve soon.

+ Dream of Santa Claus

You can dream of Santa Claus at any time of the year, but, above all, at Christmas and it means that a stage in your life is coming full of strength , good expectations and optimism .

+ Dream about gifts

Santa Claus and Christmas are also closely related to gifts , right? Gifts in dreams speak of illusion. Frustration or lost illusion is what you are feeling at this time in your life if you dream that it is Christmas or your birthday and nobody gives you anything. On the contrary, if you dream that you receive many gifts, it means that you have recovered that illusion, hope and happiness that you were sorely missing.

+ Dreaming of a Christmas tree or ornaments

If in your dream you appear surrounded by Christmas decorations or see a Christmas tree , you have to know that it is closely related to your mood . Do you dream of a tree full of sparkling lights, balls and ribbons? So it means that your attitude is very positive and that, thanks to your optimism, you will soon be able to carry out some of your goals, projects or dreams. Does the tree you dream of has no lights and its ornaments are broken? This is a reflection of a delicate emotional situation where sadness and neglect are winning the game. Do not give up!

+ Dreaming that you win the lottery

Dreaming about the lottery is one of the most frequent dreams at Christmas and, unfortunately, it is not premonitory. But, be careful, because you can take this dream as an incentive for your luck to improve . And we are not talking about games of chance, or roulette of luck, or lottery prizes , but about keeping your gaze fixed on your goals and going after them with all your desire.

Nightmares at Christmas and their interpretation

+ Dreaming that a loved one dies at Christmas

Don’t worry, this dream isn’t premonitory either. It reflects your concern for that person or perhaps an anger , fight or estrangement with him. This dream can also manifest your fear of loss .

+ Dreaming that the Magi bring you coal

Have you been bad this year? This dream in which on the night of January 6 the Three Wise Men do not bring you what you want is an invitation to reflect on whether you are acting well with the people around you : partner, friends, family …

+ To dream that I am alone at Christmas

Christmas increases the feeling of loneliness , therefore, it is totally normal for your subconscious to absorb that emotion and bring it out in the form of a nightmare. Relax, when you wake up you will realize that, in reality, you have many people around you who love you and with whom you can spend these dates.

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