The Olympics increase infidelity

the olympics increase infidelity

The London Olympics are here and you may be worried about the boring sports days that await you in front of the television while your partner gets excited watching the Olympic javelin throwing team win. Well, stop worrying about this aspect because during the Olympics there is a good chance that your partner will be unfaithful to you. Or that you are.

Sports events and infidelity

This is stated, at least, by a study carried out by the website, which shows that infidelity increases considerably during major sporting events . Something we did not know. What we did know is the close relationship that exists between sex and televised sports.

The victory of your team produces a feeling of euphoria and happiness such that it generates endorphins, which increases libido considerably. Passionate sexual encounters are more than frequent after a sports victory. Iniesta’s mythical goal in the 2010 Soccer World Cup was followed by a clear increase in the birth rate nine months later.

That the euphoria of sport generates the desire to practice sex, is something more than known. But what the study by reveals is that infidelity increases with sporting events . And this dating portal must know something about infidelity, whose potential clients are paired people wanting to have a discreet affair . According to the accounts of, the activity of the page increased by 20% during the World Cup in South Africa, and in the last European Championship, by 30%. Therefore, it is expected that during the Olympic Games its number of users will increase, which is already around 80,000 in Spain alone.

Places and times for infidelity

And it is that infidelity finds on the Internet the favorable environment of secrecy that these extra conjugal encounters require. It is true that more and more people admit to having been unfaithful to their partner at some time, and that in recent times there have been studies of all kinds that endorse this need for human beings to have an affair . Backed by genetic, biological and psychological theories, infidels can give free rein to their impulses. That if, if possible without your partner finding out.

And on the net they find all kinds of portals that offer ideas to carry out their dabbling. Apart from chats, and websites to meet people, the Internet has been launched towards these exclusive clients and there is more and more offer. Now they help you to be unfaithful. There are pages that create made-up meetings for you, with emergency calls, non-existent shows or surprise business trips . Anything goes to get away for a few hours or a few days from your home and unleash your passion, but not with your partner.

The latest, an airline that offers an hour of sex without questions in a cabin set up for that purpose. They take care of roses, chocolates, champagne and discretion; the passion runs on your account.

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