The power of the moon over love spells

the power of the moon over love spells

The moon, in each of its phases, has a different effect on our love spells. We tell you what power each one has so that you can perform your spells in the phase in which they will work best. The moon will no longer have secrets for you.

What effect do the lunar phases have on love spells?

+ Full moon: it is the most powerful phase of all. In it, any spell, tie or love ritual can be performed , but it is especially suitable for those who need a large amount of magical energy to function. These are spells that seek to make great changes in our lives and, above all, in the lives of other people. It is also essential to enchant talismans .

+ Crescent moon: it is ideal to make love ‘grow’ , that is, for those spells that seek to create love between two people, for those who strengthen relationships and for those who are made to find a partner . The crescent moon is synonymous with change and evolution.

+ Waning Moon: it is the one that has the least power of all and, therefore, the one that is used the least, but its energy is very special and helps those spells in which, for example, you want to minimize the effects of a discussion, of a loss, a break …

+ New moon: the darkest nights are the new moon, but this moon phase is the one that marks a new beginning. The most suitable spells are those that serve to start a new life , a love, a challenge

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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