The words and phrases that must be said to a man to make him fall in love completely

The words and phrases that must be said to a man to make him fall in love completely

Whether you are a seduction professional or not, the words you use with your man can have a great impact on him and you and I know it.

Yes, perfect, but here you are, looking for exactly what to say to him, looking for the best phrases to make a man fall in love, since you are probably afraid of sounding ridiculous or too talkative or too crude or you simply think that you will not be direct enough … In short, You don’t know what term to use depending on the situation, but that’s what we’re here for, you’ll know exactly what you should say to him and he’ll be crazy about you.

I suggest a few word ideas so you know what to say to him in certain situations, you will drive him crazy with love and believe me, IT WILL ALWAYS WORK!

We’ll examine three situations to figure out how to drive him crazy: On a day-to-day basis, by text message, and what you should say to him in bed.

Phrases to make a man fall in love every day

These 3 phrases are perfect for you to leave him thinking of you every day, you will see how effective they are:

“Last night I had an erotic dream, you can’t imagine how I soaked the sheets!”

“I like it when you wear these jeans, you look so sexy and attractive in them!”

“Sweetheart, you look so handsome in that shirt! But I still want to rip it off! ”

With those 3 phrases, you will awaken the excitement of your man.

He will want to know more, he will wait for your next step and the more details you give him, the more he will want to make love to you, that is for sure.

If you’re having a leisurely breakfast on a Sunday morning, he won’t even finish his coffee and will take care of you right away, just by saying one of those effective phrases.

If, on the other hand, you tell him that when he is about to go to work, you will see how you are going to drive him crazy all day, he will surely be texting you and he will only think of one thing: to meet you when he gets home to find out a little more and who knows, do the same with you.

The advantage is that when evoking an erotic dream or a compliment, your man will want to thank you and of course, he will want to give you a lot of pleasure.

You will be very, very, very, very excited about this idea because your imagination will run wild.

Phrases to make a man fall in love with text messages

These 4 phrases have been effective when flirting through text messages, WhatsApp or any digital means by chat, so take note.

  • “I loved the way you made love to me last night, I still want a little more love… Do you want to ?!
  • “When you put your hand on my leg tonight at the restaurant, I just wanted to take it and put it between my legs….”
  • “At your house in ten minutes? I want you on me right now! »

Also think about sexting: texting photos sexy like you in underwear with a phrase like:

  • Come and take off my bra NOW? »

or you can also say:

  • “I’m so hot, do you want to be the same?”

You can also send a sexy text message to her work with a photo of your cleavage or legs and saying:

  • “I hope to see you tonight”
  • “I want you here right now, right now, right now, right now!”

He will be madly excited and will only think of one thing: meet you and make love to you like crazy!

There is no need to make a novel out of this, you see that these are very simple phrases, but their effect is 100% guaranteed so put them into practice.

Of course, do not abuse these texts! Keep the surprise effect and even if he asks for more photos or more hot talk, send it when YOU have decided.

It must be occasional because you would tire of it unless you could vary your imagination as much as you wanted.

Don’t go overboard with texting, but keep in mind that it drives men crazy!

Phrases to make a man fall in love in bed

“I want to feel good inside of me! Stronger, even stronger, keep going… HARD! ”

“You are the only one who does it so well for me!

“You do know how to make me come! Um, I love it! Keep it up! follow, follow! »

“Lady durooo”

To drive a man crazy, you don’t have to be rude, surely some men like it, but if so, you will have to adapt if you feel comfortable with him.

Otherwise, it is enough to make him understand that you love him very much, that he is the only one who knows how to make you come so well and that you still want to have more and more sex with him.

He will have confidence in himself and will know that you like being with him, so he will do everything possible to give him even more pleasure than he can.

The tone of your voice is also more than important when you say these types of phrases, since your emotion should be felt in your voice and sound as sexy as you can, without exaggerating.

If you moan at the same time as you talk, you will surely drive him crazy! But don’t go over-acting for any reason, because it will feel like it’s unnatural and this could really ruin everything, so you better practice even if it’s a little alone 😉

You should also choose one of these phrases that we recommend since whispering an “I love you” in his ear will NEVER drive him completely crazy, what you need is to bring out your sexiest side.

These prayers that we recommend are simple, short but above all they are effective, whether by text message, in your daily routine or in bed! It really just depends on you.

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It’s no secret that most men only want one thing, right?

Well, it turns out that not only is that not true, but also sex can be the cause of many relationships that do not work and end up breaking up.

In fact, this is the only thing that obsesses men universally…. It is something they have been looking for their whole life.

It is definitely an elusive combination of emotion and biological drive that is rarely satisfied in life or in love.

And do you know what happens when you know how to satisfy this lifelong obsession?

He will do his part, all his life, he will try to love you and please you, since you do too and he will surely pursue your love to the end of the world, don’t you like the idea?

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