Tips for Leo to fall in love with other Signs

Tips for Leo to fall in love with other Signs

Leo is a great conqueror, he goes after what he wants without hesitation or hesitation, and expects the same in return. Excuses and indecision don’t go with him, and they can quickly turn him away. When he falls in love, the conquest continues for the little lion. He greatly enjoys the art of seducing and loving, and is constantly attentive to the details that make his partner fall in love. He never stops giving: he is romantic, loving, passionate, protective. It sounds perfect, but we know that no one is. His strong and rigorous character , his high ego and his high level of demand mean that not everyone can put up with him. How can Leo make other signs fall in love?

Aries:Leo is king by nature and Aries is not far behind the size of his ego. The Lion will have to learn to control his desire to dominate to avoid so much conflict with the Ram, and the Ram will finally let him win. Give Aries a lot of love, tenderness and passion and you will receive the same from him. Do not criticize him or give him too much advice, remember that he is as independent and confident as you. If you offend or underestimate him, he will reject you completely.

Taurus: The magnetism between these signs is very strong, they are immediately attracted and their union is very passionate. El Toro is stubborn just like you, so you will have to be understanding with this and learn to compromise from time to time. He will fall in love with your determination and commitment to your partner. Give him exclusivity, because he is very jealous, but don’t pressure him and respect his privacy. You will seduce him through pleasure, luxury and good taste.

Gemini: They have a lot in common, they will have a great time together. Gemini is naturally drawn to the Lion’s voluptuousness and energy. You don’t have to try too hard to make him fall in love. In you he finds the stability and well-being that he so needs. He will enjoy long and entertaining conversations with you, fun outings, active social life, adventure and enjoyment. Don’t pretend to be the center of attention in their life. Geminis have diverse interests, so try to accompany him in his search for novelty and movement.

Cancer: They can be compatible if they learn to manage their sensitivities. Both are susceptible to criticism and demanding of affection and attention. The Crab is attracted to you, almost like everyone else, for your sensuality, charm and dynamism. He will be safe with you if you show him the capacity for commitment and loyalty; and you will make him fall in love when your sense of domination is oriented to give him protection and affection, and not to control or absorb him. Leo, you need to be gentle with Cancer so as not to hurt him.

Leo: One of the highest compatibilities in the zodiac. The passion between two lions is unbeatable and the attraction between them instantaneous. Approach another Lion with transparency and confidence.Both will be delighted with the sensuality and fearlessness of the other. Propose Leo a love adventure, full of fun and intense emotions. You will make him fall in love by pleasing him and paying attention to him, without ceasing to be the king that you are, because to function this couple needs mutual admiration.

Virgo: Leo and Virgo vibrate in different tune, so it is difficult for them to have a stable relationship. The Lion is outgoing and passionate while Virgo is introverted and down-to-earth. You must have a lot of patience and control your ego to conquer itas your personality may seem arrogant and too impetuous. Don’t invade him or try to tie him down, he values ​​his independence and enjoys solitude. He will like it if you take him out of his routine a bit, but avoid creating conflict or complications in his life because it will evaporate.

Libra: The attraction and fascination between these signs is very great and they can be permanent if you both wish. Libra is romantic, infatuated and fanciful, so he will be very attracted to the passion and courage that the Lion dedicates to conquest. Invite him to share a romantic outing, where you can provide an environment of beauty and pleasure. Libra is idealistic and noble, it would be good if you express your generous and humanitarian side. You will chase it away if you are pedantic or vulgarCheck that your ego does not fall into conceit.

Scorpio: A clash of egos and passions that produces too much conflict. It is difficult for them to form a stable and harmonious couple. The Scorpio also has a strong and dominant character, so you will have to find your balance, know when to give in so as not to disturb it. So that they can get along, try to approach them modestly, with the intention of uniting their energies rather than opposing them. He will not bear that you are vain or arrogant, and he will get jealous if you seek to attract other people’s attention.

Sagittarius:Excellent compatibility, they will be friends and lovers at the same time. The Lion will make you fall in love with its energy, enthusiasm and taste for adventure and novelty. Invite him to do something original, share trips, extravagances and bohemia. To make him fall in love, help him develop his ideas and be willing to support him. Do not try to tie him to you or pretend that he venerates you; Sagittarius is as independent as you and needs you to respect its autonomy. He can tolerate your ego, but you will have to bear his criticism.

Capricorn: They can complement each other because they have similar goals, but they will have to be patient to get along with their personalities. You will attract Capricorn through your determination and energy to go after your ambitions. He will feel secure if he understands that he can join you in achieving financial security and if you support him in his goals. Understand if he is distant or reserved , he will never be so demonstrative and passionate as to satisfy the emotional demands of the Lion.

Aquarius: Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs that attract each other. They will need to be patient and understanding for the relationship to work. Leo, do not truncate the independence and intense social life of Aquarius.He will be attracted to you when he knows your caring and caring side, as he also likes to help others. Can’t stand self-centeredness and vanity. Don’t overwhelm him with effusive displays of affection, either. Aquarius is more reserved and thoughtful, he needs time to give himself to love.

Pisces: The compatibility can be very high and the union solid and happy. The Fish is sensitive, cuddly and fragile, so Leo can easily win him over if he treats him gently and subtly. The key is to use your sense of domination to protect Pisces., that you will feel safe and calm when you know the courage and inner strength of the Lion. Give him tenderness, darling, respect his dreamy and ethereal personality. If you criticize him, you will hurt him easily.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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