To fall in love with Leo, dedicate these love phrases to him

To fall in love with Leo, dedicate these love phrases to him

Marilyn Monroe once said, “I am just a little girl in a big world looking for someone to love .” If you are also a hopeless romantic and you are desperate trying to get that person to notice you a little more, take note: to make Leo fall in love, dedicate these love phrases to him . With these beautiful words, you will get his attention and, with a little luck, win a part of his heart. You dare? Just a warning, Leo I hate anything cheesy.

Love phrases to make Leo fall in love

+Phrases of love to surprise you

Although Leo is not at all silly, he will get excited if you send him a beautiful love letter in which you declare your feelings for him. Thank him for how much he contributes with phrases such as: “ Thank you for your warmth and your hugs . They are all I need to be happy with you ”.

He will also be very pleasantly surprised when you say (or write) something like: “I just need your look to be happy every day” or “Maybe not every day I tell you that I love you, but I love you every day.”

If your love for that Leo moves mountains, write down these phrases: “When I caressed you I realized that I had lived my whole life with empty hands” or ” My heart is more perfect since you are in it.”

+Hot love phrases

Of all the zodiac, Leo is the hottest sign so he will love all the risque phrases you dedicate to him. He is a very sexual person and when you send him these messages he will surely follow suit. “Caresses and kisses are the sauce of the most exciting sex . Do you want us to cook something? With this fiery phrase, you will get the temperature up a lot.

When you least expect it, for example when you are working, send a message saying: “Tell me what your fantasy is and we will see what we can do to fulfill that imagination and I.” You will brighten the morning and who knows if later when you see each other the magic will appear …

Also write down these phrases to whisper in his ear to warm him : “I want to feel you even closer. As close as possible “or” Sex is the way in which love expresses itself with the body and I have a lot to say. ”

+Intellectual love phrases

Gabriel García Márquez once said: “Love is as important as food, but it does not feed.” A Leo will seem a very clever phrase and will like to know the words of the Nobel Prize.

If you and Leo maintain a long-distance relationship or you have to spend some time apart, you can send him a nice message so that he keeps you very present. Alfred de Musset wrote: “Neither absence nor time is anything when one loves ” and Fyodor Dostoevsky said: “It is by separating that one feels and understands the force with which one loves .”

For Leo, loyalty and sincerity are two of the most important virtues in any person. If you want to show him how honest you are and, above all, how transparent the love you feel for him is, dedicate this love phrase by Pablo Neruda to him: “That’s how I love you because I don’t know how to love otherwise.” These romantic words belong to one of the sonnets by this Chilean poet: “I love you without knowing how, or when, or where.”

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