Top 5 spells to find summer love

top 5 spells to find summer love

Finding love in summer has never been easier than with these spells . If you also want to find that person who makes your vacation unforgettable , take note of this top 5 spells to find summer love .

Top 5 spells to find summer love

+ Spell to open up to love: if the winter has been hard and your heart is closed to love , try this spell. Take a typical summer flower, such as petunia or geranium. Put it in a bowl of water for a full moon night. At dawn, dry the flower and place it just above your heart while you are lying down. Recite: ‘heart, open yourself to love with the petals of this flower. It can come and I know it will. ‘

+ Spell to make someone special appear: once your heart is ready for a new experience, all you need to do is see the right person. He holds a rose quartz in his hands and recites: ‘Come to me, I am waiting for you. This corner of the world we have to meet. ‘

+ Spell for your summer love to declare: now that you know him, the time has come for that special person to take the next step. Sit cross-legged outdoors. Write their name on a piece of paper and place it between your hands. ‘Dare, I’ll say yes. If you ask me, my heart will give you the answer you are looking for so much. ‘

+ Spell for a night of passion in summer: now that your relationship is underway, you deserve to spend an unforgettable night. Spread all the petals of a single rose on your bed. Stand at the feet and say: ‘all parts form one, our bodies will follow in the footsteps of the roses and merge into one body’.

+ Spell so that a summer love becomes a lasting relationship: when the end of summer comes you may have to say goodbye forever, but if you want yours to last a little longer, light two white candles and place a photograph of both in the middle. Now recite: ‘our love has been born and the flame does not go out. May it never go out and never leave my soul. ‘

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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