Uranophobia: this is the fear of heaven or paradise after death


There are many phobias related to death, with the idea of ​​eternity and with everything related to the sacred, that is why uranophobia or fear of heaven does not surprise us so much . Understanding heaven as that paradise we arrive at when we die, we can understand that the idea can terrify some people or, at least, give a bit of vertigo. Who is not afraid to die? Everything you need to know about uranophobia can be found in our dictionary of phobias .

What is uranophobia

Unophobia is the fear of heaven or paradise. It is not fear of that blue sky that we see when we look up, but of the concept of heaven as a place where we arrive after death in case we have been good people. Because the other alternative is hell , of course. And because we go to heaven or hell, to get there we have to die.

Here are joined several fears that may be related to other phobic disorders such as hadephobia or the fear of hell or thanatophobia or the fear of dying . Without a doubt, the key is in death that overwhelms us so much if we stop to think about it. What is there after death? In the case of uranophobia, the promise of paradise doesn’t seem like a very reassuring option.

Symptoms of uranophobia

As a generalized and non-specific phobia, uranophobia does not need any specific stimulus for all anxiety symptoms to be triggered . Tachycardia, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, distress, and panic attack can come anytime, anywhere after a brief thought about going to heaven.

Unophobia, related to existential doubts, is more limiting than it seems since the person who suffers from it lives in a permanent state of alert by not having a specific stimulus. That is why the anxiety and anguish to which this person is subjected is daily and ends up affecting their entire life.

Causes of uranophobia

But what is the origin of this phobia of heaven? As with many other phobias, it can be a traumatic childhood experience . Obviously no one has gone to heaven and has come back to tell what paradise is like, but losing a loved one and not having grieved correctly may be reason enough to develop this phobia.

In other cases, it is the fear of death that causes uranophobia . We are all afraid of dying because we do not know what will happen next. Maybe nothing will happen and that can be worse. Existential vertigo can trigger an anxiety attack or a panic attack that only reinforces that fear of death.

In the case of uranophobia , religious sentiment also comes into play . We can perfectly imagine the case of a child who has grown up with the threat of going to hell if he does not behave, something that in adulthood can cause him to fear hell as much as the possibility of not going to heaven.

Treatment of uranophobia

In any case, we are talking about a dangerous phobia for mental health and for the full development of a functional life. Therefore, it is time to put yourself in the hands of a professional psychologist , although drug treatment is not ruled out in some cases.

However, cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective to overcome any phobia , also this fear of paradise. Transforming the distorted thinking that causes fear is necessary to be able to modify behavior or behavior and that is precisely what is achieved with this therapy.

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