What does it mean to dream that your partner cheats on you repeatedly


The dreams in which love appears are not always positive and full of romance and illusion. It is the case of dreaming that your partner is cheating on you repeatedly , a dream that inevitably leads you to suspicion and that you fear that it will come true. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that your boyfriend or husband cheats on you on several occasions.

When you dream that your partner cheats on you and is unfaithful: what does it mean?

For your peace of mind, we can assure you that dreams of your partner’s infidelity are neither premonitory nor should they be taken at face value . That you dream that your boyfriend cheats on you repeatedly is not an accusatory proof of your partner’s infidelity, so wake up from the dream. The meaning of this dream is more related to you than to your boyfriend.

This dream is a dream that speaks of insecurity . Of your insecurity , so now it’s up to you to find the source or origin of your doubts. Do you really doubt the fidelity of your boyfriend or had it not occurred to you to think about it until you dreamed it? Surely now you will not be able to get it out of your head and you will look for some evidence of the deception.

But cheating on your partner is dreamlike, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a reality. However, it is clear that your love life has a gap. It is very common for the subconscious to make you aware of the deficiencies in your emotional life or the problems of your relationship through a dream in which one of the two is unfaithful.

It is important that you wake up from this dream or nightmare as soon as possible. A conversation with your partner is imposed and not precisely about infidelity. But first you will have to do a reflection exercise to discover what exactly is wrong in the relationship and the reason for your insecurity.

Why do you dream that your partner is cheating on you

And when we talk about insecurity we do not refer only to the sentimental issue. You may be going through a moment of low self-esteem in which you do not see yourself objectively and certain inferiority complexes emerge . As if you were not up to the task and not only with your partner, but with life in general and especially with the expectations of others.

It is also frequent when anxiety overwhelms you and you are very close to suffering a depressive disorder that you have the belief that you are not enough, that you are worth nothing or that there is nothing in you worth loving. In this cloud of darkness, your partner becomes the protagonist and the question is obvious: how is your partner going to love you if you don’t love yourself?

This question is the key to your problem and the reason why you dream that your partner is cheating on you repeatedly. But we are talking about specific moments in life that you will have to solve through personal work and you may need a psychologist to overcome this stage if you do not want it to go further. Surely you can also count on the support of your partner because what happens in the dream, as you know, is not a reality.

But we have also talked about a gap in the relationship as a trigger for this dream in which your partner is unfaithful to you. We insist, do not take it at face value because relationship crises are not always due to infidelity. Perhaps there is a failure in communication or trust, perhaps it is a misunderstanding that you have not resolved and that you sense will come out later in the form of a terrible discussion .
Or maybe it is simply that the time has come to sit down face to face and renew your commitment as a couple. Because as you well know, you have to consciously choose your partner every day and it is an exercise that we often forget to do.

Dreams of infidelity and their different interpretations

There can be different situations in those dreams in which your partner cheats on you repeatedly. We are going to find its meaning without letting it affect us who co-stars in the dream.

+ Dreaming that you discover your partner with his lover

She is a full-blown catch and also a nightmare . In your dream you discover your partner with his lover in bed and there are no explanations because the situation is very clear. This dream puts you to the test so that you dreamly check how you react to the complicated situations that life presents you by surprise , those kinds of things for which you have not had time to prepare.

+ Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you with your best friend

In real life, this situation is a nightmare from which it is difficult to wake up because it involves the betrayal of the people you love the most. It will not come true , calm, but you should be vigilant in case your trust in those close to you is decreasing due to some disappointment . And in your search, do not limit yourself to the people you see in the dream, expand the circle of possibilities.

+ Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you with your sister

You dream that your boyfriend cheats on you with your sister and it is not about a one-time adventure, but something that is maintained over time. Why? Perhaps the time has come to rethink what relationship your sister and your partner have , do they trust each other or do they see each other as enemies? Because maybe they have a bad relationship with each other and in this dream all you want is for them to bring positions closer together.

+ Dreaming that everyone knows that your partner is cheating on you

In this dream your insecurity, your sense of ridicule , your feeling of shame comes into play . Not only does everyone around you know that your partner is repeatedly cheating on you, but they also seem to approve of their behavior. The dream reflects that moment when you do not feel valued by the people you love the most.

+ Dreaming that you meet your partner’s lover

The height of being cheated on is that they also introduce you to the lover in a cordial situation. As if you had to accept the situation, as if you also had to behave politely with both the lover and your partner. Another dream to test your ability to react , but remember not to take it literally because it is not about infidelity.

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