What I do! My partner thinks I’m unfaithful, but it’s not true

what i do my partner thinks im unfaithful but its not true

Tips to convince your boy / girl that you are totally faithful

My partner thinks I’m unfaithful but it’s not true, what do I do? Many people are in this situation who wonder about the best way to act to solve this problem. Can you convince a partner that you are not unfaithful ? The problem multiplies with the different questions that arise around infidelity, whether it is occurring or not, but above all because of the basis of doubt: lack of confidence. Peaceful! In Diario Femenino we are going to help you shed a little light on this fateful situation in your relationship.

Why does your partner think you are unfaithful

We help you solve your doubts by answering you with another question: Why is your partner convinced that you are unfaithful? And be prepared for the possible answers because some have no turning back. It is evident that in your relationship there is a great lack of trust , which puts your love story in serious danger. You have to go to the causes, is your boyfriend a distrustful person with or without reasons? Have you been unfaithful before? Has your boyfriend already forgiven you for an infidelity before?

Wait, we haven’t finished with the battery of questions. What if your boyfriend’s suspicions are the product of his insecurity? Is your boyfriend a jealous and controlling person ? Does your partner not cope well with the need for everyone to have their own space? As you can see, these are two very different situations and neither of them has good prospects.

Perhaps you have changed your habits, which is one of the clearest signs of infidelity . But it is also a sign of personal development or evolution in life. Maybe you have new friends that you have met in that craft workshop or maybe you have changed jobs and are excited about new interests. If so, your partner feels excluded from your changes and that’s where suspicions come from .

What to do if your partner thinks you are unfaithful

There is only one thing you can do if your partner thinks you are unfaithful: have a conversation with him . A conversation in which to practice communication as a couple, healthy and effective communication , is that possible in your relationship? You should assure him that you are not cheating on him, but is there something else you can do that is not one and a thousand conversations?

Conversations where you find out why your boyfriend has the wrong idea. Clarify the times that it is necessary that no, that you are not being unfaithful. And in the event of a misunderstanding, the problem can be fixed. Also in the case that it is a temporary insecurity of your partner because their vital circumstances are delicate at this time and yours are not, for example.

Beyond these situations, you cannot consider doing anything else. Because the lack of confidence does not recover just like that . We do not know why your partner does not trust you, but without trust you cannot move on unless you want to live a toxic relationship full of reproaches and feelings of guilt.

What is clear is that there are things you should NOT do if your partner thinks you are unfaithful. Do not stay at home to guarantee that you are not with another, do not stop going out with your group of friends, do not stop relating to your co-workers, do not leave your hobbies on this path of demonstration of loyalty. And, above all, do not give up your independence and your own space so that your boyfriend feels more secure.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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