What is a love counterspell and its dangers

what is a love counterspell and its dangers

The love spells serve to improve certain romantic situations we do not like. But what happens when we become the target of someone else’s spells ? Should we let those spells affect us? Or is there some way to avoid it ? We reveal it to you.

Counterspells and their consequences

The counterspells are ways to avoid affecting us spells that perform upon us others. And although there are some that are very easy to do , there are others that require some practice to be effective.

Counterspells require more magical energy than the original spell to function properly. So their main danger is that they have no effect. In any case, there are ways to solve this small problem. Many times we have spoken to you about the power of candles as enhancers of magical energy. The full moon also has the same function and so do semi-precious stones. To perform powerful counterspells you should use at least one of these three elements.

When devising a counterspell, the ideal is to know what elements and what words have been used in the original spell. In this way we can contain it much better. When these data are known, it is possible to resort to plants and objects that have a function contrary to those that have been used. For example, if you have used sugar, you will have to use salt.

Love counterspells never have a rebound effect , that is, they will never negatively affect the person who cast the first spell. They are simply a kind of shield or protection that prevents it from affecting us in any way.

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