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If you are a Sagittarius and your partner a Pisces or vice versa, the possibility that your relationship will come to fruition is drastically reduced. Nothing is impossible because with a little effort the opposite poles can turn the attraction they have into loving stability . But these signs seem to have enough going against it that it ends up breaking down. Why these are the signs with the least love compatibility.

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Sagittarius and Pisces have a very different way of being, so they don’t have much in common . In some cases it happens that, although couples have an opposite personality, they manage to complement each other, but Sagittarius and Pisces are another world. You know what happens when you pour a little water on the fire, that it ends up going out. Hence, they can be considered one of the pairs of signs with the least affinity, if not the most.

Pisces can’t stand Sagittarius being so radical in their thoughts and ways of behaving . Although they are spontaneous, they do not like to take everything to the extreme like the fire sign does. Those of water prefer to see life with a rose-colored filter in their eyes. And most Sagittarians can’t stand Pisces’ over-the-top romanticism. They are considered too cheesy and affectionate people when they prefer a little more space.

With the rest of the fire signs, the Pisces does not have much affinity either , but a couple with an Aries or a Leo are more likely to get ahead because they are more stubborn than the Sagittarius. As these two signs are obstinate in achieving what they propose, they will work hard so that their relationship with a Pisces ends well.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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