Where does RM (Kim Namjoon), BTS member, live?

Who is RM (Kim Namjoon), BTS member, dating 2021

They are number one on iTunes in over 65 countries around the world, have over 12 million followers on YouTube and were the first K-pop band to hit the American music charts, including the Billboard 200. The South Korean boy band is formed. from seven elements, all male, each with their own distinctive characteristics, their talents and their fat following of loving fans: they are RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Park Ji-min, V and Jeon Jung- kook. BTS, an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan, or Bangtan Boys, was first conceived by the South Korean record label Big Hit Entertainment, with which they debuted in 2013. On June 13 the eloquent “2 Cool 4 Skool” is released. single launch of the band that found its maximum expression with the piece “No More Dream”, which on June 29 officially entered the Billboard World Digital Song in fourteenth position, remaining there for three consecutive weeks.
From there, the path is all downhill: their popularity begins to spread like wildfire not only at home, but also abroad. Overall, BTS have sold over 10 million records since their launch worldwide.
BTS are so famous because in their music, with a slightly bubblegum flavor, the tastes of many generations meet, united under the banner of seven guys who, with each song, never fail to infect you with their desire to dance.

Where does RM (Kim Namjoon), BTS member, live?

Do you want to know where he lives, if he has his own apartment or if he shares an apartment with the other members of the group, like they did when they were younger?

During their time in Korea, the members of the group share an apartment, but they each have their own flat.

According to reports, RM paid cash for a $ 4 million ultra-luxury condominium in Seoul.

Meanwhile, they all live in Hannam The Hill, the most luxurious apartment complex in Korea. This complex, which is located on Yonsan-gu Hill in Seoul, near the Han River, Namsan Mountain, and the city center, is favored by many Korean celebrities.

The BTS flat is worth exactly $ 6.53 million. Although the price is expensive, the house is not very huge. Three bedrooms, two kitchens, and two bathrooms are included in the 300-square-foot home. The house may not be large, but given that the members of the group are continually on the move, this may appear fair.

A gym, a swimming pool, and a golf course are all part of the complex. One of the most compelling reasons to choose this condo is that the complex is highly safe, thanks to its location on a hill.

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