Where does V (Kim Taehyung), BTS member, live?

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BTS are one of the most popular boy bands in their homeland, South Korea, and now also in the world. Their genre is K-POP, not to be confused with Western pop. The genre, which arose for the first time around the 90s, takes full hands from American music such as hip-hop, R&B, electronics and dance and reinterprets it according to Asian standards. More than soloists, k-pop favors boy bands and girl bands with a bubblegum musical style.

Hence the birth of BTS, the first Korean group that managed to break through the Billboard Hot 200 and perform at the American Music Awards. The stages of their “Love Yourself World Tour” sold out everywhere: that’s who BTS are.
Korean band BTS consists of 7 members, all male: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Junkook and debuted for the first time in 2013 with the eloquent single “2 Cool 4 Skool” . Their music won the attention of critics and fans right from the start, immediately landing overseas to set unprecedented records in the history of k-pop.

Where does V (Kim Taehyung), BTS member, live?

Are you wondering where he lives, if he has his own apartment or shares an apartment with the other members of the group, as they do in their early years?

The members of the group share the same apartment during their stay in Korea but each of them has their own apartment.

It is not known exactly whether V bought her apartment.

Meanwhile, they all live together in Hannam The Hill, Korea’s most expensive apartment complex. Located on Seoul’s Yonsan-gu Hill, near the Han River and Namsan Mountain and the city center, this complex is the choice of many Korean celebrities.

The value of the BTS apartment is exactly $ 6.53 million. Although the price is high, it cannot be said that the house is very large. The 300 sqm house has three bedrooms, two kitchens and two bathrooms. The house may not be too big, but considering the fact that group members are constantly on the move, this may seem reasonable.

The complex includes a gym, swimming pool and golf course. One of the main reasons for choosing this condo is that the complex is extremely safe, as it is located on the hill, which further increases safety.

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