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Aaron Kirman is a Los Angeles-based real estate agent ranked as one of the best in the United States with over 3.5 billion in sales representing the most expensive homes in the world. He appears regularly on CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich.

His extensive knowledge and expertise in selling exclusive properties has helped him secure some of the highest prices in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills PO, and Malibu.

REAL Trends named him the fifth largest real estate agent in the country by sales volume in 2018. He has an average of $ 300 million to $ 400 million in home sales, has $ 3.5 billion in lifetime home sales and is president of Aaroe Estates, the luxury property division of John Aaroe Group.


Aaron’s learning difficulties at first prevented him from attending the University of Southern California, a letter he wrote describing his situation and his desire to attend college won him an interview and admission. He graduated from the university with a degree in economics and communication.


Kirman was born in Encino, California, U.S. He hasn’t shared any information about his age, when he was born, or when he’s celebrating his birthday.


Kirman grew up in Encino, California, where his father worked with trucks and his mother was a teacher. At a young age, she suffered from Roma learning difficulties, including dyslexia, and a speech impediment that hindered her ability to pronounce the letter R. She says she feared the first day of school each year, describing it as ‘horrible’.


He realized at a young age that he was gay. He also claims that this made it difficult for him to make friends or succeed in a traditional academic environment.


He has represented Rihanna , Nicki Minaj , Orlando Bloom and royal families from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait in real estate transactions. The John Aaroe group, with the International and Partners Trust, has been renamed Pacific Union International (acquired by the real estate technology company Compass); Aaron Kirman has been named president of the Pacific Union Luxury Estates Division.

He has received international recognition from the architectural and real estate communities as a leading figure in the luxury real estate market. It represents some of the most exclusive homes in the world, including: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann Residence, Frank Gehry’s Schnabel House, Paul Williams’ Lions Gate and North America’s only Oscar Niemeyer.

Its 2018 announcements included The Beverly House, a Beverly Hills mansion formerly owned by William Randolph Hearst, and used as a location in the horse head scene of The Godfather, The Bodyguard and The Mountain Beverly Hills. It also included an undeveloped 157-acre hillside property previously owned by Shams Pahlavi, Merv Griffin, and Mark R. Hughes and listed as the most expensive property in Los Angeles at $ 1 billion by the Los Angeles Times, Fortune magazine, and others.

Kirman is sought by many developers to sell multi-unit projects including a private island in the Pacific, Turks and Caicos and W hotels. He is also contacted by many developers, architects and designers prior to construction and completion of their projects. This is to leverage its long and successful track record to ensure the design, architecture and floor appeal to the right high-end buyers.

Appare anche su The New York Times, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Variety, London Times, E Entertainment e CBS.


Through his highly successful real estate career, Kirman is worth millions of dollars even though the exact net worth or estimate has not yet been revealed.

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