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Amanda Giese is a famous American TV personality. Amanda is famous for her special bond with animals From the Animal Planets docuseries Amanda to the Rescue, is the founder of ‘ Panda Paws Rescue “. travels on a mission to save the lives of dozens of animals in need of medical assistance. The docuseries also described his efforts to find shelter for the animals.

Although Amanda has few credits on television shows, she became a face of the accounts for her appearance in Animal Planet’s Amanda to the Rescue. In addition to the pet rescue service on TV, Amanda brings the link from her nonprofit Panda Paws Rescue. Her animal service efforts have actually blossomed her to gain fame and fortune, but the total value of her net worth is still under the radar.


Amanda was born on January 26, 1983. She is currently 36 years old in 2019. Her birth sign is Aquarius.


Amanda was born in the United States. Very few details have surfaced regarding his childhood life and family. From an early age, Amanda became interested in animals and began saving animals during elementary school. He studied medicine but dropped out to pursue his career in pet rescue work.


Amanda is not married yet, but she has had several relationships. He was in a relationship with Gary Walters, and with his children named Jade and Beast, they used to go on a mission to save animals in the docuseries Amanda to the Rescue. Her daughter Jade was born in the year 2004 and her son Beast in 2002. Not sure whether or not Gary is their baby daddy as she has been hesitant to speak on this subject.

Former couple Gary and Amanda were already engaged in the year 2014, and while they were in a relationship, Gary used to talk proudly about her pet rescue skills. It has remained a mystery why Amanda broke her bond with her partner Gary, but regarding her social updates, it looks like she may have found a new partner.

Her new partner’s name is ‘Jeffrey Roy’, Amanda elaborated her love for Jeffery on May 14th 2019 with a beautiful love caption. Amanda rejoices at the time she has spent accompanying Jeffrey on several occasions. Most recently, on June 23, 2019, Amanda celebrated her partner Jeffery’s birthday together.


He has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million as of 2019.


What can audience members expect from the new series?

In the new show, fans can expect to see us travel across America to places of natural disasters, working with our shelter partners, as well as especially ranchers who are giving us animals with special needs, and will see many animals with needs. medical / special and hospice animals, as well as many highly adaptable animals that will go to our rescue partners. They will see lots of family adventures, cute puppy faces, happy stories (tails!) And happily ever after.

Loading … Loading …Is the world a better place for animals today than when you started your rescue work?

I believe the world is a better place now than when I grew up when it comes to animal defense; however, I don’t think we are where we need to be when it comes to animal welfare and defense. I think we need much stricter laws. I think we need to actually implement the laws that we currently have and we need to hold people accountable to the fullest extent permitted by law when there is abuse and neglect. I also believe that – not just when it comes to canines, felines and pets – but when it comes to wildlife and farm animals, we need better laws when it comes to regulating animal welfare.

How proud are you that your children have also chosen rescue as their mission?

I am wildly proud as a mother that both of my children are humanitarians deep in their hearts and that they regularly act on their humanitarian souls in their life. Once, I remember when my son was in eighth grade, he was running the last track rally of the year, and there was this lovely, young peer named Sebastian, who had cerebral palsy. And that year Sebastian wanted to race on the track.

I remember at the bout, Beast is on the line – and mind you, Beast took first place in every single track bout in his division – and so Beast is on the line. He is the last to remain undefeated and when they take off Beast does not run at his normal pace. He slows down and runs the entire race side by side right next to Sebastian, and eventually Sebastian crossed the line before him.

Sebastian’s mother called me and told me she had never had a moment like this with Sebastian where he was the winner. Beast told me that winning first place wasn’t important to him, but seeing Sebastian win meant the whole world to him – that’s what’s inside my son.

And the same thing goes for Jade; he has a bleeding heart for animals and children with special needs. She came with me to China to work with children with Down syndrome in orphanages. Both Jade and Beast are great supporters and supporters of what we do here to save the ultimate underdog, so I’m extremely proud of both of my children.

How can a single television viewer – perhaps even a child – make a difference for animals and the environment?

I think being aware is where we need to start with animal defense, but also global conservation. I would say just to think about your choices. When it comes to animals, I think the most important thing we can do is remind our children that they are a lifelong commitment and commitment. There are circumstances that jump out of everyone’s control where sometimes this cannot be accomplished. Sometimes it doesn’t work to be ‘happy and content’. For the most part, we need to remind our children that if you commit to an animal, you commit to that animal [forever]. This means you have to sacrifice yourself and make adjustments to accommodate your pets in order to care for them properly.

I think it’s also very important to remind people that kindness is really cool and treating animals and other peers with kindness will really show who you are deep inside. You want your core and character to be a kind person because this will ultimately help you move forward in life and make the world a better place.

When did you first fall in love with animals, especially dogs?

I first fell in love with animals when I was a kid. I remember being in love with the local pond ducks and trying to feed them. Once, I must have been 2 years old, I reached out with a cracker and didn’t want to let it go because I wanted to pull to dive on the shore. But the duck was much stronger than me and dragged me into the ugly duck pond!

These are moments like the one when I knew I was always attracted to animals. When I was little, my grandmother had a farm and every summer I spent my entire summer on the farm. And so for me animals were just a way of life; it was my education. It was my whole world.

I remember another time, I was around the fourth grade. I won my first goldfish at the state fair. It was orange when I won it, and I put it on the windowsill in its little fish tank. And when he died four years later, he was white. I’m not sure the sun bleached it, but I ended up changing its name to Wizard. I would have full conversations with Wizards, read books with Wizards, and teach him homework, so I know it’s a funny story. But deep down, animals have always been an integral part of everything I did in life.

Were you immediately open to the idea of ​​being followed by cameras?

I had done documentaries before, so I was definitely open to having a TV crew here. There were some things that I felt had to be limited to maintain some sort of privacy, but as you’ll see in the series, a lot of that went by the wayside. They literally watch me brush my teeth, put on makeup every day, wake up and go to bed, but we have such an amazing film crew that we fell in love with each other as a family. We are a very close-knit group of people and there is a lot of trust there. At first, whatever apprehension or fear I might have had quickly vanished just because we got along so well, and I knew they would support me in whatever [they] needed and wanted to do.

How big is the crisis involving dogs in need of rescue, support and adequate health care?

We are making great strides every day towards the better, but we certainly have a huge gap to fill when it comes to animal welfare, medical care, affordable medical care because veterinary science is a business. There are many people out there who are amazing pet owners, but the financial cures to take care of these popping ailments are so astronomical. So we need to find ways to make things more convenient, especially sterilization and sterilization programs. We need to fund more hands down sterilization and neutrality programs as we still have a massive epidemic. … These are publicly available resources for sterilization and sterilization, and it’s about educating and enforcing the laws we have at our disposal and enforcing better laws. We still have a long way to go, but hopefully this show will help us defend where we need to be.

What do you hope viewers change about their lives after watching the series?

I hope that after watching the whole series, viewers walk in front of a mirror and ask themselves: what am I passionate about? What do I want to do something for? Whether it’s one day a year, one day a week, I want viewers to ask themselves what they really want to do to take the next bold step to embark on being humanitarian. If you want to work with kids, seniors, army veterans, animals, wildlife, third world country endeavors, whatever it is, look in the mirror and ask yourself: what has always pulled my heart? What is my passion? So give yourself permission to go out and do something about it.

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