Who is Amy Springer, victim of WhatsApp Suicide Group?

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Three other users of the same WhatsApp discussion room had already committed suicide.

Who is Amy Springer, 4th victim of WhatsApp Suicide Group?

A 20-year-old lady from the United Kingdom was reportedly a part of a strange WhatsApp group that talked suicide and self-harm before she died by herself in March 2021. Amy Springer’s body was discovered on March 21 in a wooded area in Benfield Valley, East Sussex, UK. According to the inquiry, three other users of the same WhatsApp discussion room had already committed themselves. Springer also had autism, complicated PTSD, and emotionally unstable personality disorder, according to the investigation.

Her trauma and mental health difficulties arose primarily as a result of her elder brother’s sad death at the age of six. Springer suffered “serious and life-limiting trauma” as a result of the incident. Amy Springer was reported missing up to 15 times in 2020, and three times in 2021. She was discovered to be self-harming throughout her repeated disappearances.

Springer was allegedly doing better before her suicide and was recovering at a program for assisted living. However, she was classified as “at risk” in a psychiatric report. She was reported missing on March 19, 2021, and her dead corpse was recovered two days later. Springer’s death was determined to be a suicide by asphyxiation.

According to the most recent allegation, Springer was a member of a WhatsApp discussion group for those dealing with mental health difficulties. Though the actual number of members of the ‘WhatsApp Suicide Group’ was not divulged, it was found that the group discussed self-harm often. The identities of the three suicide victims that occurred before Springer were likewise kept hidden.

“She was undoubtedly adored. However, she had several obstacles and challenges throughout her childhood, which had a significant influence on her ability to manage her adolescent years and early adulthood. A extremely serious and life-limiting childhood tragedy loomed in the backdrop. It undoubtedly caused her significant suffering, which she was unable to overcome “Amy Springer was mentioned by Coroner Dr. Karen Henderson.

According to Samaritans data, approximately 4912 people would die by suicide in England alone in 2020. Last year, the male suicide rate surpassed the female suicide rate for the first time in two decades.

Suicidal conduct is a serious public health issue in the United States and across the world. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every five teenagers (18.8%) has seriously considered suicide, one in every six (15.7%) has made a suicide plan, one in every eleven (8.9%) has attempted suicide, and one in every forty (2.5%) has attempted suicide requiring medical treatment in 2019. (CDC).

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