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New Jersey-born actor, travel writer and television director Andrew Thomas McCarthy is well known as a member of the Brat Pack, with roles in 1980s films such as St. Elmo’s Fire, Less Than Zero and Pretty in Pink. . McCarthy is # 40 on VH1’s list of 100 Greatest Teenagers of All Time. As a director, McCarthy is best known for his work on the Emmy winning series Orange Is the New Black.


McCarthy moved to Bernardsville, New Jersey as a teenager and attended Pingry School. He also attended the city’s public school, Bernards High School, for part of the year.


McCarthy had his first major role for the first time in 1983 in a Class comedy. He involuntarily became a member of ‘Brat Pack’, the Hollywood group of young actors of the 1980s. They have appeared in a few films, including St. Elmo’s Fire and Pretty in Pink. McCarthy starred in the 1987 films Mannequin and Less Than Zero, a stage adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel.

McCarthy starred opposite Donald Sutherland and Kevin Dillon in the 1985 film Heaven Help Us (aka Catholic Boys) as Michael Dunn. He made his Broadway debut in The Boys of Winter. In 1988, he quickly returned to Hollywood to star in several films, such as Fresh Horses and Kansas. McCarthy had another hit with the 1989 comedy Weekend at Bernie’s.

McCarthy returned to the Broadway theater to star in Side Man, McCarthy’s version of the opera and in 1999 won a Tony Award for Best Opera. In 2003 he guest starred in two episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Due to bad relations with actor Vincent D’Onofrio, series creator Dick Wolf decided not to.

Wolf later said that ‘Mr. McCarthy has been acting irritable from the moment he walked onto the set. McCarthy fired back in his statement saying, ‘I was fired because I refused to allow a fellow actor to physically threaten me, bully me and try to direct me.’ Despite this incident, McCarthy later starred in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (with Chris Noth, not D’Onofrio) that originally aired in November 2007.

He played Dr. Hook at Kingdom Hospital in 2004. McCarthy appeared in five episodes of the 2005 NBC television series E-Ring. He starred in the 2008 NBC television series Lipstick Jungle as a billionaire, but was eventually canceled and had a minor role in The Spiderwick Chronicles.


McCarthy directed several episodes of the CW hit television series Gossip Girl, including Touch of Eva in season four. He is also known for an incident at the 2013 Philly Comic-Con event, in which his security staff assaulted a famous YouTube character known as ‘Skippy’, who was at the time attempting to photograph actor Mannequin.

McCarthy appeared in 2010 and 2011 on the hit US show White Collar, where several critics praised him for his performance in the episodes. McCarthy returned to the series next season to direct the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ episode. He directed 3 episodes (ep. 11, 13 and 16) in the second season of the 2015 NBC hit TV show The Blacklist with James Spader and Megan Boone. McCarthy starred in the 2016 ABC drama The Family.


Andrew Thomas McCarthy was born on November 29, 1962 in Westfield, New Jersey, United States. He is 56 years old in 2018.


McCarthy married Dolores Rice on August 28, 2011. The two have a daughter, Willow. In September 2013 it was announced that the couple was expecting their second and third child. On March 29, 2017, McCarthy mentioned in ‘Good Day New York’ that his third child is a son and he is now two years old. McCarthy was previously married to his college sweetheart Carol Schneider in 1999, 20 years after their first date. Schneider gave birth to a son, Sam in 2002. The two divorced in 2005 citing irreconcilable issues.


McCarthy has a daughter named Willow McCarthy and a son named Sam McCarthy.


  • Height: 1.75 m
  • Weight: 70kg (155lbs) Height: 5’8 ‘(172.7cm)
  • Shoe size: Not available
  • Body shape : Not available
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye color: Blue


McCarthy has an estimated net worth of $ 12 million.


McCarthy became a travel writer and is currently Editor at Large of National Geographic Traveler magazine. In 2010, he was escorted out of an underground church in Lalibela, Ethiopia, for entering the site without documentation. McCarthy had been to church for an assignment for the Afar travel magazine. In 2012, a book written by McCarthy was published, The Longest Way Home: One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down.

In February / March 2015, National Geographic published its account, entitled ‘A Song for Ireland’, of McCarthy’s return to the home in the town of Lacka West in Duagh parish in County Kerry in Ireland from which his great-grandfather John McCarthy had emigrated in the late 1800s.


Who is McCarthy?

McCarthy is well known as a member of the Brat Pack.

How old is McCarthy?

McCarthy is 56 years old in 2019, born November 29, 1962.

How tall is McCarthy?

McCarthy is located at a height of 1.75 m.

Is McCarthy married?

McCarthy has been married to Dolores Rice since August 28, 2011.

How much is McCarthy worth?

McCarthy has a net worth of $ 12 million.

How Much Does McCarthy Make?


Where does McCarthy live?

Not to know.

Is McCarthy dead or alive?

McCarthy is still alive and in good health.


  • 1983 Jonathan Ogner Class
  • 1985 Heaven Help Us Michael Dunn
  • 1985 St. Elmo’s Fire Kevin Dolenz
  • 1985 The Beniker Band Arthur Beniker
  • 1986 Pretty in Pink Blane McDonough
  • 1987 Waiting for the moon Henry Hopper
    • Jonathan Switcher mannequin
    • Less than zero Clay Easton
  • 1988 Kansas Wade Corey
    • Fresh Horses Matt Larkin
  • 1989 Weekend at Bernie’s Larry Wilson
  • 1990 Quiet Days in Clichy Henry Miller
  • 1990 Dr. M Assassin
  • 1991 Year of the David Raybourne pistol
  • 1992 Solo tu Clifford Godfrey
  • 1993 Weekend at Bernie’s II Larry Wilson
  • 1993 Il Joy Luck Club Ted Jordan
  • 1994 Entrando in Rupert Grimm
    • Dead Funny Reggie Barker
    • Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle Edwin ‘Eddie’ Pond Parker II
  • 1995 The night of the running man Jerry Logan
  • 1995 Dream Man David Mander
  • 1996 Mulholland cade Jimmy Fields
    • All related to Howard
    • Things I’ve never told you, don
  • 1997 Bachelor party Peter Weber
  • 1998 Bela Donna Frank
    • I woke up early the day I died cemetery policeman
    • I’m losing you Bertie Krohn
  • 1999 A Twist of Faith Henry Smith
    • New World Disorder Kurt Bishop
    • Nuova Waterford Girl Cecil Sweeney
  • 2000 Nowhere in Sight Eric Shelton
  • 2001 Heaven must wait for Raymond Cane
  • 2002 Anything But Love (titolo originale: Standard Time) Elliot Shepherd
  • 2004 2BPerfectlyHonest Josh
    • News for the Church
  • 2005 King of the orphans Charles King
  • 2008 The Spiderwick Chronicles Richard Grace
  • 2009 The Good Guy Cash
    • Camp Hell Michael
  • 2010 Main Street Howard Mercer
  • Snatched Frank Baum from National Lampoon in 2011


  • 1986 Surprising Stories Edwin
  • 1991 Tales from the Edward Foster Crypt
  • 1992 Joint pursuit Martin Musgrove
  • 1995 The Johnathan Courtyard
  • 1996 Escape Clause Richard Ramsay
  • Hostile Force Rabbit (Mike)
  • The Richard Reilly Christmas tree
  • 1998 A father for Brittany Keith Lussier
    • Perfect assassins Ben Carroway
  • 2000 A storm in the summer Stanley Banner
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Randolph Morrow
  • The Michael Lewis view
  • Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Robert F. Kennedy
  • 2002 Georgetown
    • The Secret Life of Zoey Mike Harper
  • 2003 Straight from the heart Tyler Ross
  • Law & Order Attorney Finnerty
  • The Twilight Zone Marshall
  • Monaco Derek Philby
  • 2004 Kingdom Hospital Dr. Hook
  • The Hollywood Freers Mom Mystery Kit
  • 2005 Crusader Hank Robinson
  • E-Ring Aaron Gerrity
  • 2006 The Way
  • 2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent A.D.A. Gene Hoyle
  • 2008-2009 Joe Bennett Jungle Lipstick; Director
  • 2009 Gossip Girl Rick Rhodes
    • Royal Pains Marshal David Bryant IV
    • Il National Tree Corey Burdoc
  • 2010–2012 Director of Gossip Girl
  • 2011 White Collar Vincent Adler
  • 2012 A Christmas Dance Jack
  • 2013–2017 Orange Is the New Black Director
  • 2013-2014 Alpha House Director
  • 2015-2017 Turn: Washington’s Spies
  • 2015-2018 The director of the blacklist
  • 2016 The Family Hank
  • 2017 The Blacklist: Redemption Director
  • Condor Director 2018
    • New director of Amsterdam
    • Director of the Nightflyers


  • fly away (2017)
  • Trips Home, Inspirational Stories, Tips & Tricks for Finding Your Family History (2015)
  • The longest way home (2012)
  • Lights camera, Travel (2011)
  • Cervo (1998).



  • 1987: Won, ‘Best Actor’ – Mannequin

Rhode Island International Film Festival

  • 2004: Won, Grand Prize for ‘Best Short Film’ – News for the Church – qualifying it as an official participation in the Academy Awards for best live action short film

Complete information, including the original soundtrack CD of the film produced by Al Gomes and A. Michelle of Big Noise

Sedona International Film Festival

  • 2005: Wins ‘Best Short Film’ – News for the Church

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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