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Art Mann is an American television personality and host of Art Mann Presents. It is a travel show that focuses on cultural and unusual festivals in North America.

Art Mann Presents has aired on HDNet since 2005. The last episode of the show aired on December 24, 2015. From 1994-2004, Mann hosted a number of shows for E! Entertainment Television including FYE!, Cut to the Chase, Search Party and most notably Wild On! with Brooke Burke.

Before moving to Southern California, USI , Mann won a Cable ACE Award in 1993, (with AF Grant) for his locally produced television show, Cool Stuff, beating famous people like Rock Talk Live (Denver), A Cable Carol (Chicago) and The Jokester Show (Los Angeles).


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Art Mann Presents was a journey into reality that appeared on AXS TV (formerly HDNet) facilitated by Art Mann. He highlighted several opportunities for meetings and celebrations open in North America. Mann’s character is an outspoken ‘ordinary’ journalist who interviews beautiful, often drunk, characters he meets on occasion. Craftsmanship Mann Presents has been circulating on HDNet / AXS TV since February 2005 and has been out of production since December 2015.

Occasions visited included Mardi Gras cheer in New Orleans and several urban areas, Bay to Breakers, Indianapolis 500 and back end parties at Jimmy Buffett shows, and several shows and games.

The system also advertised an uncensored nighttime rendition of the show that featured adequate female nudity, Art Mann Presents Unrated, until HDNet became AXS TV in July 2012, and according to the system’s location it changed into a center. more sexually impartial live diversion, the express form was dropped from the calendar.

Prominent visitors to the program include Carmen Electra, Jesse Jane, Jessica Mathews and Kimberly Fisher.

Although no new data is known regarding the state of the show and whether it will ever return, Art Mann Presents has another home on Youtube streaming the incomplete clips from the arrangement.


The show had 188 episodes but here are some of the episodes;

  • S09 E22 Donuts, helicopters and casual fun
  • S09 E23 · People and their silly sand toys
  • S09 E24 Santarchy San Francisco
  • S10 E01 · The spectacle of football
  • S10 E02 · The drunken city in the world
  • S10 E03 · Running for Beer
  • S10 E04 · America’s Craziest Wine Festival
  • S10 E05 · A great rockabilly music festival
  • S10 E06 · Green, drunk and awesome
  • S10 E07 · The Big Booze Convention
  • S10 E08 · Alcohol, trucks and mud
  • S10 E09 · Denver Bike Night
  • S10 E10 · What … no alcohol?
  • S10 E11 · The Wakarusa Music Festival
  • S10 E12 The 10th AMP TV Gold Award
  • S10 E13 The 10th AMP TV Gold Award
  • S10 E14 · The Running of the Bulls USA
  • S10 E15 · A country music festival in the middle of nowhere
  • S10 E16 · A Crazy Caribbean Party and Record!
  • S10 E17 · Music and beer everywhere
  • S10 E18 · The Bean Blossom Bikerfest
  • S10 E19 · Zombi ubriachi a Kansas City
  • S10 E20 · Oktoberfest in Oklahoma
  • S10 E21 · Tailgating a Dallas
  • S10 E21 · Tailgating a Dallas
  • S10 E23 · Raiders battery charger and tailgate
  • S10 E24 · The Sin City Santa Run
  • S11 E01 · Happy New Year in Las Vegas
  • S11 E02 · Tons of beer in South Carolina
  • S11 E03 42 miles of bacon
  • S11 E04 · Rugby, costumes and beer
  • S11 E05 · The Sexiest Samba Party Ever
  • S11 E06 · Hollywood Underwear Run
  • S11 E07 · The South del Southwest Music Fest
  • S11 E08 · The biggest rockabilly festival in the world
  • S11 E09 · Oysters and beer
  • S11 E10 · Booze News 2015
  • S11 E11 · Il festival musicale Blaze & Glory
  • S11 E12 · Speciale Louisiana
  • S11 E13 · Frogs and country music
  • S11 E14 · Pride Fest
  • S11 E15 Run, Paddle, Vomit 2015
  • S11 E16 25K Red
  • S11 E17 · Country Thunder in Wisconsin
  • S11 E18 · Two music festivals
  • S11 E19 · Pub Crawl from the 1980s
  • S11 E20 · Country music on the Redneck Riviera
  • S11 E21 · Tailgating a Houston
  • S11 E22 · Jimmy Buffet Parking
  • S11 E23 · What’s with all the costumes?
  • S11 E24 · Santa Claus is everywhere


Who is Art Mann?

Mann is an American television personality and host of Art Mann Presents. It is a travel show that focuses on cultural and unusual festivals in North America.

How old is Art Mann?

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How tall is Art Mann?

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Is Art Mann married?

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How much is Mann worth?

His estimated net worth is still under review.

How much does Art Mann make?

His estimated salary is still under review.

What happened to art?


Where does Mann live?


Is art alive or dead?

He is alive and in good health.

Where is Mann now?


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