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Barbara Harrison is an American journalist who has been in the industry for more than 35 years. She grew up on the campus of Prairie View A&M University.

His father was a journalism professor here. Barbara left Texas and attended Vassar College located in Poughkeepsie New York. He then attended Columbia University, New York, USI , for his Masters.


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After doing our research, details about her parents are not available and it is not known if she has siblings.


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Working as still in NBC4, there is no doubt that Barbara earns a good salary and has been able to amass a good net worth. However, his exact net worth has not yet been disclosed but the information will be updated as it becomes available.


Barbara Harrison has been a respected Washington writer for over 35 years. Harrison made sure of everything from government affairs to expressions of execution and wrongdoing to the plight of abused and abandoned youth. Her selective encounters with presidents, first women, lawmakers, superstars and contestants have turned her into one of Washington’s most imaginative questions.

For over 15 years, Washington has been waking up to Harrison and his longtime co-stay Joe Krebs. The pair blocked the territory’s main morning broadcast.

Perhaps Harrison’s most suffering legacy is a program he created to help children care for children. The facility, known as Wednesday’s Child, is credited with helping to discover perpetual homes for many young people in the Washington region. It has been the model for comparative projects in real urban communities across the country.

Harrison has also composed and facilitated numerous extraordinary projects, including his annual Christmas on Uncommon Embassy Row, in which he offers companies and costumes from around the world that are praised in our neighborhood’s international safe havens.

Despite living his childhood on the grounds of Prairie View An and M University, where his father was a news service teacher, Harrison left Texas to go to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie New York. He proceeded to obtain a Masters degree from Columbia University in New York City.

It was in that city that he began his vocation in television news coverage as an essayist for WNET-TV in New York. Similarly, a transition in San Francisco has involved a transition to the on-air part of the communications business. She moved to become the host of major radio shows on ABC’s claimed KSFX and KGO-Radio stations.

She moved to TV with a return to Texas, where she revealed and tied to KDFW-TV in Dallas. In 1980 she returned to San Francisco to try her hand at KGO-TV. In the fall of 1981, she joined the WRC / NBC4 staff in Washington.

In addition, the many Emmys and countless and diverse awards for the revelation, the Washington Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences also honored her with the Ted Yates Award for Outstanding Network Administration. She is also the recipient of the esteemed Tufty Award for Outstanding Reporting by the Washington Territory Section of American Women in Radio and Television.


Barbara paid tribute to NBC 4 News on June 27, 2019 after she retired from live TV to pursue a new career. It has been a fruitful career on NBC 4 News, but will still remain with the team.


Who is Barbara Harrison?

Harrison is an American journalist who has been in the industry for more than 35 years.

How old is Barbara Harrison?

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How tall is Barbara Harrison?

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Is Barbara Harrison married?

Information on his married life will be updated soon.

How much is Barbara Harrison worth?

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How Much Does Barbara Harrison Make?

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What happened to Harrison?


Where does Harrison live?

Vive a Washington D.C.

Is Barbara alive or dead?

She is alive and in good health.

Where is Harrison now?


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