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Beth Riesgraf (full name: Beth Jean Riesgraf) is an American actress, photographer and director. Beth is best known for her portrayal of Parker on the TNT Leverage television series (2008-2012).

Beth graduated with honors from Cimarron-Memorial High School in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996. She served as student body president and was voted ‘Senior Most Admired’ and prom queen. He was a member of the photography club.


The Leverage series actress was born on August 24, 1978 in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, United States. He is 40 years old in 2018.


Beth was born as the youngest of six girls of Elroy Othmar Riesgraf and Janet Ann Riesgraf (Priebe). He has five siblings: all sisters and they are Laura Phyllis, Sarah Verena, Julie Florence, Carrie Marie and Mary Pat.


Beth is married to Alan Smyth, a fellow Irish actor. According to Frostnow, the two secretly got married after more than 8 years of living together.

The two met when Beth starred in the TNT TV series Leverage and Alan played the role of a loan shark in the series. After their first meeting, the two got along very well and then began dating a few months later.


Beth was in a relationship with Jason Lee, a fellow actor. Their relationship began in 2001-2007. They had been engaged to get married and have a child together, her first child.


Riesgraf is a mother of one, a son named Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee, born on September 28, 2003. He is her son and her father is her ex-boyfriend, Jason Lee.


Beth appeared with Jason Lee as character Natalie Duckworth on the show My Name Is Earl in 2005 and 2007. She also appeared in Alvin and The Chipmunks as a mother at the supermarket in 2007. Beth played the unnamed bride in the official music video Death Cab’s ‘Cath …’ for Cutie in 2008.

Beth had her own production company called Niva Films, but when her acting took off she had to take a step back. Riesgraf had produced Midlake’s Balloon Maker, in which she also appears.


Riesgraf played the lead role of Parker in the TNT Leverage series from 2008 to 2012. In 2015, he starred in the USA Network Complications series in 2015, which follows the life of a morally conflicted doctor. The show only lasted one season.


Beth plays the role of Maeve Donovan, Spencer Reid’s love interest since her introduction in the eighth season episode God Complex. Riesgraf’s character first appeared as a mysterious, faceless woman, and was not credited for the role. He then reprized the role in the season eight episodes The Lesson, Zugzwang and Alchemy, and in the Red Light episode of the 12th season, this time credited and his face revealed to the public.


The Leverage star has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million.


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Interview with Timothy Hutton and Beth Riesgraf LEVA

Tim, why do you think people keep tuning in to this show?

TIMOTHY HUTTON:I think the show is fun for the viewer to watch and participate in from week to week. Go on on the journey these five characters take. And the writing was really great the whole time. The character development was a nice mix of drama and comedy. The stakes have been very high at times for all the characters and situations they find themselves in. In the first three seasons, and continuing with these three shows that air in December, I think audiences are getting to know each other differently. sides of each of the characters, and there are some nice surprises to come. I think that’s what keeps people interested. Just when you thought you knew who or what a character was, there were some unexpected twists, especially in the three upcoming episodes,

Beth, after three seasons, what keeps you busy with your role?

WHY REASON: Physically, there are some challenges, depending on the type of stunts required in each episode. For the most part, it’s about keeping character growth at a steady pace and working with what they give us. We are entering a fourth season and it still looks pretty fresh. You want to keep it exciting and fun. It’s been pretty well organized so far and I think it’s been pretty fun.

Many vacation episodes can feel trivial or forced because they try too hard. What would you say makes the Holiday Episode Leverage file different from what we’re used to in most programs?

HUTTON: Well, here you have the Leva Squad infiltrating this mall for the sole purpose of saving Santa’s reputation, and it’s a great sight. It is sacred things, in people’s minds, about what the season is about, and everything gets trampled on. The team comes in to restore it and ends up doing it like another case with no feeling whatsoever. It ends up being a nice twist, where they get dragged into the Christmas spirit, in a way they weren’t expecting. It’s one of my favorite episodes.

Beth, since Parker is socially awkward, how does she handle the holidays?

WHY REASON: Love holidays, whichever holiday it is. One of the great things about Parker is that, at any moment, she goes into girl mode and is really excited about things. And, in the holiday episode, you can see that side of her. Just like when he’s in a robbery or a scam to get into a safe or whatever, his mind is very one-sided, as if that’s all he focuses on. And so, I think with Christmas and his enthusiasm for Santa, there are some really cool things in that episode.

Tim, how does Nate handle the holidays, after everything he’s been through, especially with the death of his son?

HUTTON:Oh, I think it’s unhappy when it comes to the Christmas season. Because of that, due to the loss of his son and the breakup of his marriage to Maggie, and just the whole idea of ​​people celebrating, all that stuff makes him absolutely miserable and he wants to be alone. I always love it when Beth and I do scenes together. It gets funny and it’s so easy to make her laugh in the middle of a scene. Whenever we are with Beth in a scene and the camera is on her, any little thing can keep her going. Either way, the episode begins with this really cool moment with Parker and Nate, where Parker is so interested in Christmas and the holidays, and Nate isn’t. He wants to be left alone and Parker is just pestering him with the holiday spirit. It was one of my favorite things I read. But,.

Season 3 led to meeting your big villain, Damien Moreau. What else can you say about the season finale? What are some of the things viewers might learn about characters and their relationships?

HUTTON:I would like to answer very directly, but we have been asked not to talk about what happens in the final moment of the season finale. But there is something happening. It’s more visual than anything else, and there will be a need for follow-up in Season 4. For one of the five of us, it has been revealed that there are some secrets and some associations that are quite creepy. And adult Parker sometimes turns four in just a split second, which looks beautifully in the holiday episode. These are just a few things. But it’s safe to say that Season 4 is really going to be when there’s a lot more understanding. The show sometimes goes into flashback mode and we learn, in a small snippet, what Hardison was like, what Sophie was like, and what Eliot, Parker and Nathan were like.

How did you like working with a one-season subplot this year, with the story of Damien Moreau? ?

HUTTON: It was great because we didn’t have it in the first or second season. To keep the stakes high, the team must stay alert. Every single character you’ve encountered along the way, in season three and in the finale, ends up having some sort of definite relevance to what teams have to do to get to Damian Moreau, or their mission won’t be complete. This has given us all something. Each episode of the third season had its own specific goal, but there was this broader goal, which has always had twists and turns, which ultimately comes to this amazing place in the last two episodes, where there is confrontation. with Damien Moreau and the web that he broadcast everywhere, everywhere.

Beth, after a few years of playing thief, pick pocketing and expert guidance, how proficient have you become at this?

WHY REASON: For real, I can get away with a few little things, here and there, but at this point I’m by no means a highly skilled thief. I spend most of my time working out the rhythms of the scenes we’re shooting. In my free time, I try to practice with the things that have been shown to me. I got help from Apollo Robbins, who sent me many videos. He is a very busy man, but he is always there when I have questions. I try to get involved as much as possible, but for the most part that’s what is written in the time we shoot. We don’t have much time between episodes. Actually, we go one after the other, so I focus on any tricks or moves I need to do for that show. I would not say that I will become an expert thief, at any time, in real life.

HUTTON: To be honest, he stole quite a few scenes, if that counts.

In virtually every episode, Parker dangles from somewhere high, or climbs the side of a building, or takes a reckless leap. How much of the physical acting can you do?

WHY REASON: This is a very good question. Sometimes I do things I probably shouldn’t. No, I’m kidding. I do not know. If it is written and it is something I can safely do and there is time for me to do it, of course I will. But sometimes, because we’re turning so fast, they’ll have to get a stunt double to do something that maybe I could have done. But then, there are definitely things I can’t do at all, so she completes it. There are some fun things I got to do in the finale, and some other things I got to do that I hadn’t done before. It’s fun for me, but at the end of the day, I’m not an acrobatic woman, so I have to be realistic about my limits. They are good at helping me know what is safe for me to do and what is not.

What is the most outrageous position you have found yourself in?

WHY REASON: I’d say running on a moving train is one of them. Besides, the other would be the pilot when I was hanging upside down in Chicago, in a 40-story building. The roof was under me because we cheated it, but when the wind picked up I thought, ‘Wow, that’s really very scary.’ It amazes me when I think about it. At the moment, I haven’t really had time to think about it, but now I’m like ‘Wow, that was pretty intense.’

Do you have a background as a dancer or acrobat or something?

WHAT REASON: My background is in dance. No, I’m kidding. I was actually really uncoordinated as a kid when it came to dancing, but I played a lot of sports and did a little break dance from time to time. No, they really are not. I played tennis and softball, and we grew up with horses. I was very active as a child. I was constantly outdoors. Growing up in Minnesota, I had a lot of freedom to race around, and we had go-karts and four-wheelers and all that. I like that adrenaline rush stuff. I did some dance, but mostly sports.

Beth, your character seems unaware of her beauty. How do you figure out how to play it, when you have all these emotional things going on?

WHAT REASON:I don’t really think about that stuff. In those moments, it’s best not to think about trying to create any effect with that kind of thing, but just play the truth and how she would feel about the situations. I don’t think Parker is a vain girl. She doesn’t think about her looks like other girls might. But his mind is like a computer, so he processes things differently than many other people, with the nature of what he does, his views on life. This shapes the way he speaks and thinks. So, I always try not to think about playing an emotion, but in reality I just have that intention of whatever we’re trying to do in the scene. I try to think of his reality in the way he does things differently, perhaps compared to other people. Furthermore, his life experiences have shaped where he is now. Certainly with this season, some of these barriers have started to go down a bit due to his growth in being part of the team and everything he is experiencing with them. It’s really fun for me because I can get into these new chapters with her as she grows up. Is very funny.

Tim, when this series started, your character was more or less normal, but he became more dysfunctional as he dated this team and tried to deal with his drinking problems. Do you think he will be able to overcome his problems?

HUTTON: With Nate, over the years, the writers have come up with these interesting ways to not only make him have this cycle of problems, but also make other things happen to him. It turns out people he hoped he wouldn’t see or face, along the lines of Sterling, his old nemesis when he was an insurance agent. There was an episode this year where her father suddenly appeared. So beyond the drinking and the pain of losing his son and his marriage falling apart, which are all very real things to him, there are other areas that, since he chose to take this path with these others. characters, other things start happening. He certainly has a lot of problems and we haven’t seen the end of his problems. I think there will be more on the way.

Tim, which identities did you prefer to assume and why?

HUTTON:Well, there have been several. Whenever we read a script and the Leverage team has to infiltrate a place, take on identities or become scam artists ourselves to take down the really bad scammers, it’s always fun to do so. For Nate, it’s a real release because he wasn’t of that world. He investigated that world, but he was not of that world. So, he has his own version of these different people that we can play as, when we decide to put together a scam. Sometimes it just goes a little too far. It’s fun to play Nate when he’s playing another character. There was one with Bill Engvall, where Nate became a car shark salesman. Whenever Nate takes on that kind of role, it’s always a release. Become a little

How do Nathan and Parker compare to you in real life?

WHAT REASON: How does Parker compare to me in real life? Well, I didn’t realize we were separate people. I’m just kidding. I do not know. I hope to be much healthier at certain times. This is a difficult question, actually. I love the fact that I can do stunts. As an actor, it’s really fun to change things. I love that side of it. I am similar to her, in those moments. I love the physicality of the character, being able to jump off things and crawl through the vents. It is always fun. I guess the adrenaline junkie in me is nowhere near what it is in her, but it’s a similarity.

HUTTON: Well, unfortunately, I don’t agree with any of Nate Ford’s circumstances or conditions. I remember when we started Leva, we were all in Chicago and I read the pilot script and thought, ‘Man, this is just a really cool place to start a character.’ I had to figure out how to play someone who had hit rock bottom. It just presented itself as not a limited opportunity, but rather a broad web of possibilities as to where this character might go. I think it’s just an interesting place to be with the character. And there are other problems of not being able to get close to people. It’s off and then Parker, Eliot (Christian Kane), Hardison (Aldis Hodge) and Sophie (Gina Bellman) truly become his family. This has really brought the characters together in this undercurrent that keeps the show compelling no matter what we’re going through on a case-by-case basis.

What can you say about these characters that viewers don’t already know?

WHY REASON: Well, I like the Christmas episode for Parker. There are very sweet things happening in this one, and people will find the sweet spot there, when they see that episode. There are some good times he has there. I’m not going to spoil it, but something nice happens in that episode.

HUTTON: I think a lot is revealed in the two-part finale, as well as in the Christmas show. It’s a nice surprise in the end. And then, in season four, I think there will be a continuation of what we’ve already seen, where we don’t know about Nate. I think a lot of people come out of work, looking for Nate and wanting to settle the score, both in terms of the people we met as the series went on, and in terms of new people, along the lines of his father revealing. There’s a whole lot of Nate Ford and his past that we don’t know about, and I think the writers will carry it on. It will be really fun for me to see what this is all about.

Can you give any further suggestions as to what will be revealed about both of your characters in Season 4?

HUTTON: At this particular stage, we don’t know. I think the writers are reviewing what happened in seasons 1, 2 and 3, to see where we can take these characters and what we can do to move forward in interesting directions. But we don’t really know what’s going to happen. This is part of the fun. Beth and I, and the others, are anticipating what (executive producer) John Rogers and (executive producer) Dean Devlin are preparing in their lab.

Tim, do you think if this show had been on one of the major networks, it would have gotten that far?

HUTTON:Yes, I know, but who knows? Honestly, I think the show really benefited from being on TNT. Because TNT has been such a great support to the show, it has been a great home for the show. We are all incredibly happy that it still works. We love doing the show and are just as excited to read the scripts. It doesn’t look like we’re entering the fourth year. It looks like we are just getting started. We love working together. The chemistry that meets with the five of us started in Chicago when we were piloting. In that first moment, we all had fun together and working together, and that just continued. We are now, in our fourth year, working together, making plans for the weekend, having dinner together, playing bowling and doing this or that.

WHY REASON: It is actually very true. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and the tone of the show allows us to be stupid and have fun. Even the directors who come aboard are always in that game spirit. They all have the tone. And, to work as hard as we do, for the hours we do, if we didn’t have the approach we had, it would be tough. But we have fun, which makes it a lot easier.

HUTTON: It’s a combination of the scripts and all our fun working together that really makes it all work. We’re really excited about these three upcoming shows – the holiday show where the team infiltrates the mall, and then the two-part season finale – and we can’t wait to get back to Portland and start season 4 because there are many things that will happen.

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