Who is Buk M Buk, suspect in murder of U of U football player Aaron Lowe

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A suspect in the murder of University of Utah football player Aaron Lowe has been apprehended by Salt Lake Police.

The arrest was made early Sunday morning, one week after the death of 22-year-old Lowe.

Who is Buk M. Buk

Buk M. Buk, 22, was arrested on charges of aggravated murder, attempted murder, and criminal discharge of a firearm, according to authorities.
Buk is also accused of shooting and injuring a 20-year-old woman on the same day, according to police.
That victim’s situation is still serious.
Salt Lake Police detectives and the Utah Violent Fugitive Apprehension Team located Buk in Draper.
Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown stated in a press statement published early Sunday morning:

“When we needed help, we went to our community.
We invited individuals to come forward and provide any knowledge they might have.
We have apprehended the individual suspected of killing Aaron Lowe as a result of those tips and the unwavering pursuit of justice by our homicide detectives.
This horrible shooting has had a huge impact on so many people’s lives.
I’d want to thank our patrol officers, detectives, crime lab technicians, data analysts, and the professional personnel of the Salt Lake City Police Department for their efforts.
Their tireless effort going through every lead and piece of evidence led to this arrest.”
Aaron Lowe, 21, was shot and murdered outside a residence near 2200 Broadmoor Street in Salt Lake City on September 26.

Lowe was shot outside, across the street from a house party, according to police.
Lowe was in his third season as a member of the University of Utah football team; he was the first winner of the Ty Jordan Memorial Scholarship, which was established to commemorate the memory of another University of Utah football player who died in an unintentional shooting in December of 2020.
William Smith, Lowe’s father, recounted the moment he received the phone call from his son’s mother as “she says, ‘we lost a kid.'”
“I’m not sobbing because he’s no longer here.
I think I’m sobbing because I can’t see him or communicate with him.
I can’t get in touch with him “Smith told the Texas news station WFAA.
Chief Brown stated during a news conference Sunday morning that he couldn’t give much insight into the current investigation, but he did indicate it wasn’t a targeted attack.
Despite social media speculations, he stated that the shooting was not directed at the University of Utah, the football team, or even Lowe himself.
He also stated that it was not a gang-related shooting.
On the night of the shooting, there were several reports of loud noises at the party.
Officers were not immediately available to react, according to authorities.
When dispatchers got reports reporting an incident and gunshot, police were promptly dispatched to the area, according to officials.
During the news conference, Salt Lake County Mayor Erin Mendenhall also stated that the police department has lost many dozen paid police officer positions.
She stated that having additional police will allow the department to react to more calls more quickly.

In reaction to the arrest, Utah athletic director Mark Harlan published a statement.

“On behalf of the Utah Athletics family, I’d want to extend my thanks and admiration to the Salt Lake City Police Department and Chief Mike Brown for their thorough and exhaustive effort in making an arrest in the murder of Aaron Lowe,” he stated.

Harlan also expressed sympathy for the 20-year-old lady who was shot and is still in the hospital.

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