Who is Cecily Chapman? Brian Laundrie hunt slams by Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter

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‘It’s only a publicity stunt,’ says the narrator. That is exactly how it is. ‘He ought to back off and let the FBI handle it,’ said the daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The estranged daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter has slammed his search for Brian Laundrie, calling it a “publicity stunt.” Cecily Chapman also stated that her father should delegate authority to police enforcement. “It’s just a publicity stunt,” she explained. That is exactly how it is. He needs to take a step back and let the FBI handle the situation. A legitimate (TV) network would be aware of the situation, and I’m fairly certain that everyone is aware that this is a f**king marketing stunt.”

The 28-year-scathing old’s remarks against her father, Duane Lee Chapman, came after it was revealed that he offered a show about Brian’s searching for A&E, which “quickly passed” it, according to an insider. Cecily also made fun of her father’s discovery of a Monster Energy can while seeking for Gabby Petito’s 23-year-old boyfriend. “What, you discovered a Monster Energy can?” she sarcastically inquired. “What good does that do anyone?”

Who is Cecily Chapman?

Cecily is Chapman’s adopted daughter. She is the daughter of Chapman’s first wife, Beth Smith, who died of lung cancer at the age of 51 in June 2019. “Reality Star, Entrepreneur, & вl gит,” Cecily writes in her Instagram bio. More than 200k people follow the account on social media.

She and her sister Bonnie are alleged to have had a strained relationship with Chapman following their mother’s death. They were also not invited to Chapman’s September wedding to Francie, a Colorado rancher whom he met in March 2020. Chapman has also addressed the issue, claiming that his former associates “groomed” the sisters. “Please pray for Bonnie and Cecily to be set free from whatever hold these folks have on them,” he told TMZ. Despite the pain we feel as a result of this schism in our family, Francie and I are looking forward to celebrating our wedding with the remainder of our family and close friends next week.”

And so now Chapman has become involved in Brian’s disappearance, Cecily has started slamming him. Brian and his family went camping at Fort De Soto Park in Florida a week before he vanished, and Chapman disclosed last week that he found a Monster Energy drink can there. A representative for the 68-year-old former bail bondsman said on the same day that he was “working on extremely good leads” and that “it could very well be the last day of the quest to catch Brian Laundrie.”

His daughter, on the other hand, described his entire effort as “completely manufactured,” adding, “Realistically, how is he doing this, what the hell is he doing, and who is funding this nonsense!?” That’s what he does: he tries to divert everyone’s attention away from everything. He makes an effort to conceal his issues.” “To be fully honest with you, the FBI will never let Dog the Bounty Hunter get Brian anyway – the FBI is just too proud for that,” Cecily continued.

After Gabby’s boyfriend went missing on September 14, the reality TV star and the FBI have been searching for him for days. His family reported him missing on September 17, just two days before his 22-year-old girlfriend’s remains were discovered inside a Wyoming national park. After he allegedly used a debit card that was thought to be Gabby’s, an arrest warrant was issued in his name. Brian used the card “on or about August 30, 2021, through and including on or about September 1, 2021” in Wyoming and elsewhere, according to the arrest request, and “obtained objects of value totaling $1,000 or more.”

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