Who is Joseph Frontiera? Instagram, dating, bio

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Profession: Artists / Designers
Date of birth: 01 lug 1988
Age: 31
Net assets: 5 One hundred thousand
Birth place:
Height (m):
Religion: Christianity
Relationship status: Married

Joseph Frontiera is a renowned name on the reality TV show ‘Car Counting’. The show is about to restore old cars and make it look like a new brand. The show is also rumored to be a spin-off of another hit TV show “Pawn Stars” where Black Miss Olivia appeared.

Also, after filing the lawsuit, he accused him of not paying the company’s taxes on time. As a result, the company charged the payment of the $ 18,000 IRS penalty. Furthermore, the lawsuit also states that the parties involved must not publicly disclose the following information. Scroll below to learn more about Frontiera. And do you even know what he’s doing? What are you doing ???


The famous star was born on July 1, 1988 in the United States of America. He did not share any information about his parents or siblings. Furthermore, there is no information on his academic qualifications or initial interest.

Since July 2013, he has joined the cast members of a ‘Car Count’. The show is a spin-off of the hit TV show ‘Pawn Stars’. Also, following the restoration of the vehicles purchased by the crew member. Frontiera appeared alongside stars such as Danny Koker, Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, Rick Harrison, Mike Henry, Roli Szabo. The show was filmed at Count Kustoms and owned by Danny Koker. This is an automotive restoration and custom company in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Frontier allegedly accused of embezzling money from the Count’s Kustom for his personal purposes. Then, company owner Danny filed a lawsuit against the Frontier using about $ 75,000 from the company’s account . Subsequently, the lawsuit alleged that he used the money to pay his Range Rover’s bills and also for plane tickets for his own use. And furthermore, the lawsuit claims that he failed to pay the corporation tax as well. However, the Las Vegas Court of Justice charged Frontier with a felony theft of over $ 3,500 in August 2013. Therefore, he was only charged but not arrested because he lived in Florida.


Coming to his personal life, Joseph seems very reserved especially after getting involved in the cause. He did not reveal any information about his personal life and love life as well. He also did not disclose whether he is married or not. So, let’s wait until he confronts the media and talks.

Also, being a very conservative person, his current status is also not available in the media. However, he became a popular controversial figure for his mischievous behavior of stealing money from society.


The Counting Cars star had amassed a good income from her television career. However, his current work was not disclosed to the media. But before that, he could have earned over $ 500,000. Additionally, its current equity is under review.

Also, his net worth has been speculated to be very negative. Because of the lawsuit he accused. Other than that, it’s also not active on social media platforms and doesn’t even appear in front of the camera. One of the reasons could be due to its controversies and also to the bedroom life. Also, he is currently living a modest life and no one knows where he is.

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