5 ingredients for love spells that are also useful in rituals

5 ingredients for love spells that are also useful in rituals

There are a number of basic ingredients that are used to perform both love spells and rituals . This is due to its great power of attraction of energy or its natural qualities . Here is a list of the materials that are almost always used in these white magic preparations so that you can always have them on hand.

Common ingredients for spells and rituals

+ Candles . The candles are tools that can always be used as enhancers magical energy, both spells and rituals and even can be lit always at home to acclimate (always under supervision, of course).

+ Frankincense . The incense is used to purify the environment of negative energies. As with candles, you can light them whenever you want and not only when you are going to perform some kind of spell. They serve all kinds of incenses (bar or cones) but yes, the more natural they are, the better.

+ Water . Water is an element that is used to integrate other ingredients , so that their respective forces communicate and combine to form one. In addition, as an element of nature, water is very useful to get in touch with it.

+ Herbs and essential oils . They are used in all kinds of magical acts because their different properties help us to achieve the objectives we set.

+ Full moon . Although it is not an ingredient by itself, you already know that the full moon is essential to perform some spells and rituals for its enormous power and unmatched energy.

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