Obesophobia, the irrational fear of gaining weight or being fat


The world of phobias is sometimes complicated by being related to other health disorders. This is the case of obesophobia , a problem closely linked to eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia that can cause very serious consequences. It is not just fear, it is the entire sociocultural context that rejects the extra kilos. In our dictionary of phobias we tell you all about the fear of fat.

What is the fear of fat people

Obesophobia is the fear of being fat , being fat , or gaining weight. It is a problem closely linked to eating disorders that can also lead to anorexia or bulimia. Obesophobia is more than the rejection of fat, it is a true panic of fat or kilos.

People with obesophobia can also commonly suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder . It is a very limiting phobia because in addition to the rejection that fat people produce, they have an irrational fear of gaining weight, so they tend to avoid social situations in which they are surrounded by food.

Symptoms and consequences of obesphobia

Obesophobia is manifested by an irrational and excessive fear of fat people and also of gaining weight . You can experience the same symptoms of anxiety with panic attack included if the situation becomes unbearable and you cannot avoid it. But in this case the consequences are more dangerous than the symptoms.

The consequences of obesophobia range from social isolation if the person who suffers it is gaining a few kilos due to vital circumstances to depression. Not forgetting those eating disorders that can cause countless physical and mental health problems . Avoiding gaining weight becomes an obsession and the real image is distorted.

Causes of phobia

It is difficult to imagine a traumatic experience in the past that could have developed this phobia of fat, so the most likely cause is a previous anxiety disorder that brings out totally excessive and distorted fears, fears and obsessions.

In the specific case of obesophobia, the sociocultural context plays an essential role. In a world where thinness is worshiped as a divinity, obsessive thoughts about the body and the physical are common. Although obesity is a health problem that must be fought, obesphobia can take you to the opposite extreme.

Treatment of fear of gaining weight

Overcoming obesphobia requires psychological help and careful therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy generally works , helping to transform distorted thinking and also the behavior that causes the phobia. But other methods or treatments are not ruled out.

In any case, obesophobia involves modifying that ideal of beauty that is as unhealthy as excessive fat. And most people who suffer from obesophobia also need a program to improve self-esteem , as well as relaxation exercises to alleviate anxiety symptoms.

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