Compatibility in love between Scorpio and Gemini according to the horoscope

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If you are part of a couple of a Scorpio and a Gemini , this is what you need to know about your love. Are you related? We ask the horoscope if these two signs of the zodiac are compatible , that is, if they can form a beautiful and stable couple that will last for many years.

Are Scorpios and Geminis Compatible?

Scorpios are quite suspicious, which is why they have always feared that Geminis, since they have a reputation for being a bit weather vanes, will leave them aside at the most unexpected moment. In some cases, this water sign will be afraid to give themselves completely to a Gemini because they don’t want their hearts broken. To this we must add that Geminis tend to be a bit of liars , which makes Scorpios trust them even less. For this reason, they build a shell that, although it could prevent them from suffering in the future, it also causes them not to be known. Geminis cannot access them, their true ‘self’, which causes them to run away in the end.

However, when these two signs of the zodiac get to know each other, a lot of chemistry arises between them, which increases their desire to grow as a couple. It is recommended that both make it clear what they are looking for from that love with the other, since otherwise they could suffer a lot, especially those who give themselves more than the other.

Scorpios and Geminis who have fallen in love will have to overcome quite a few obstacles as a couple. It is possible that no one trusted that relationship when they first met, but little by little, if they really love each other, they will be able to convince everyone that they stick together a lot. After all, they are not completely incompatible signs in love.

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