Did you cheat on him? Reasons to confess an infidelity


As much as we try to institutionalize monogamy as the most correct way to love, the truth is that it is quite difficult to survive in a relationship with sexual exclusivity. If not, it is not understood the amount of infidelities that have been committed, are committed and will be committed. If you’ve cheated on him, you may be wondering whether or not to confess to infidelity . We get you out of doubt.

Reasons to confess an infidelity

Rivers of ink have flowed about infidelity , but we still don’t really know how to handle it. If they cheat on you, you can forgive the infidelity or you can break up the couple. And if you are the one who cheats, you can confess or keep the secret forever or until they discover you. There is no manual to manage infidelity because it depends on each specific case.

We don’t know what can happen if you confess an infidelity. Maybe your boyfriend forgives you or maybe he leaves you, but what is certain is that you are going to face a crisis in your relationship . As we are not going to discuss the ethical aspect of being unfaithful, we are going to focus on whether or not it is advisable to tell your boyfriend that you have cheated on him with another person. And the feeling of guilt is the main protagonist of this decision.

Because surely you feel terrible for having been unfaithful , even if it was not with premeditation and treachery. Let’s recognize that sometimes it happens and that anyone has a slip . Your little voice in your head declares you guilty and prompts you to confess to free yourself from the feeling of guilt. But wait, because confessing infidelity is not always the best option.

In fact, the only reason there is to confess to infidelity is that you have been discovered. If your boyfriend discovers you being unfaithful, if the evidence against you is evident, you are going to have to confess and face what comes. But if your boyfriend cannot prove that you have cheated on him and you want to continue with your relationship, do not listen to your prejudiced little voice that encourages you to confess. Don’t confess, deny everything. Or call your lawyer.

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