Different meanings of dreaming about flies: don’t stop trying

dreaming about flies

There are animals that appear frequently in your dreams and they are usually very intense dreams because the message they bring is very powerful; even flies. Dreaming of flies can be an annoying dream experience and sometimes it can be close to a nightmare. Because both in the dream world and in the real world, flies are characterized as a nuisance. And yet, in our dream dictionary we can also find some positive meanings of dreaming about flies.

Why do you dream of flies?

At the end of the day it is not about mosquitoes that bite you but about flies. Flies that hover around you with their unbearable buzzing or flies that fill your house like a biblical plague. Flies bother, that is clear and it is the first thing you should take into account when interpreting this dream. Something is bothering you , at work, in your partner, in your social circle, in your family or within yourself.

Flies are insects that are associated with negative meanings due to their relationship with garbage or dead animals , for example. You have surely seen an incredible number of flies flying over a garbage bag or container more than once. In some cultures, flies are also associated with black magic or witchcraft, but with evil intentions.

When dreaming of flies you will notice different emotions , even if you think that in principle it can only be a dream of bad omens. You may be surprised to dream of these insects and wake up with more energy, determination or with very positive and pleasant emotions. That’s because flies don’t just bother, flies are animals that symbolize persistence, tenacity, adaptability and speed of movement. And those characteristics can help you a lot in your day to day.

The most frequent fly dreams and their meaning

As you can see, not everything is bad news in dreams with flies, it all depends on the emotions it transmits to you. And to prove it, we have selected some of the most frequent fly dreams to give them meaning.

+ Dreaming of flies at home

Nobody likes to have flies at home , not even in dreams. So surely you live this dream as an annoying experience. Attention to that feeling of discomfort because it can come from problems that you have not yet detected. And be careful because it can be more or less serious everyday problems but also emotional annoyances that you will have to deal with as soon as possible.

+ Dreaming that you are looking at flies

When you are observing flies in dreams, it is less frequent that you notice discomfort. You are there watching how they execute their quick movements and, above all, their ability to fly. Perhaps it is precisely the flight that most catches your attention and then the dream is talking about freedom , that freedom that you want and that for the moment you still do not have.

+ Dreaming that you have flies in bed

We are not going to beat around the bush. The bed is not the best place for flies to appear. The bed is an intimate place that can be exclusive for you and your rest or shared with your partner . If you are in a relationship and dream of flies in bed, get ready because the relationship crisis is about to fall.

+ Dreaming that your pet is a fly

Pets teach us every day and give us many things if we pay attention to their behavior. In your case you have preferred a fly to the typical faithful pet such as a dog , for example. Because it is a fly, perhaps you can learn something about how to adapt to different circumstances or maybe you prefer to pick up its ability to move quickly, to react.

+ Dreaming that you kill flies

When flies are a nuisance, killing them is liberating. Perhaps it is not the most appropriate action in view of karma, but when you kill a fly you regain peace of mind. That fly that was torturing you with its buzzing, with its daring resting on your face or on your arm. Dreaming that you kill flies indicates your need to end your problems and worries as soon as possible.

+ Dreaming that flies attack you

It is an almost apocalyptic scene in which a plague of flies attacks you and you fear for your life. Do not take it as a premonitory dream but the message is clear: you are so saturated with responsibilities and problems, you have so much stress or you are already suffering so much anxiety that you think you will not be able to move forward . You already know this will happen too, right? Do not give up.

+ Dreaming that you become a fly

The transformations into animals when you dream make you wake up with great energy because you collect the best characteristics of that animal . In the case of the fly, you have become one of them to improve aspects such as perseverance, tenacity or work capacity. In order not to lose sight of your goals and fly towards them avoiding all the obstacles that arise.

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