Love spells that can be done with water


The water is an essential element in many love spells. It is used to unite the rest of the ingredients , so it is common to use it. Do you want to know what types of spells are the best to do with water? Attentive, we reveal it to you!

Spells you can do with water

+ Spells to make someone fall in love . As we said at the beginning, water is a unifying element in love spells, so when it comes to uniting two people it works wonders.

+ Spells with flowers . One of the ingredients that we most often put in water are flower petals . In this case we usually combine those of several different types of flowers in order that their essences meet in the water.

+ Impregnation spells . We call impregnation spells to those in which we introduce an object in water so that it acquires the essence that we have deposited in it. For example, if we are preparing an ordinary jewel to become a magical amulet, we can introduce it into the water, previously prepared with essential oils or flower petals, in order for it to be ‘impregnated’ with its qualities.

+ Spells with sugar . The sugar is another ingredient commonly used in conjunction with water . When combined they generate a strong power of attraction towards what one really wants.

+ Spells with candles . As we have explained on other occasions, candles are used to channel magic in any spell. If we put floating candles in a bowl of water, this spell will serve to create an almost unbreakable bond between two people.

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