Dreaming of a plane crash – don’t be afraid of failure

dreaming of a plane crash

It is not strange that you dream of airplanes when you are about to take a trip and it is almost inevitable to feel that pang of fear that some problem will arise on the flight. Dreaming of a plane crash speaks of your fears, but it is not a premonitory dream. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of a plane crash .

Your fears exposed when you dream of a plane crash

When airplanes appear in your dreams, they do it to talk about freedom, since they are the means that allows you to fly . However, this interpretation totally changes to become a negative meaning when you dream that the plane has an accident. We talk about your fears, especially your fear of failure .

Because when you get on a plane you start a trip , a project or you go on an adventure. An accident in dreams comes to truncate all those expectations that you had created for yourself and is motivated by your fear of failure. You are afraid of not achieving your goals , of not achieving what you had set out for yourself.

The positive part of these types of accident dreams is that they are not at all premonitory. So if you have to take a flight soon, do not stop doing it for your dream. Losing the plane has more negative connotations than the accident itself, because it means that you have given up without even trying.

Do not be afraid of this dream with a plane crash. Wake up and think about all those obstacles that you have to face to achieve your goals and reach your destination and find a way to overcome them. As much as it may seem like a horrible dream or a real nightmare, remember that your dreams come so that you can learn to overcome your fears .

The different meanings of dreaming about a plane crash

It is clear that dreaming of a plane crash is not one of the best dream experiences you can have, but that does not mean that it cannot have positive meanings. We leave you some examples with the most frequent plane crash dreams .

+ Dreaming that you survive a plane crash

We want to start with this very positive dream because note that it is difficult to survive a plane crash. And in your dream is what happens. Maybe you find yourself a little bruised on an island in the middle of nowhere just like in the famous Lost series. But what really matters in this dream is the confidence you have in yourself and that, despite the difficulties, you know that you will get ahead.

+ Dreaming that you die in a plane crash

You were going on a trip, maybe to enjoy your vacation and the plane has an accident. You, like the rest of the passengers, die and that is precisely what you are dreaming of. It may seem like a nightmare at first, but in reality it is a dream that identifies death as the only means to be reborn . To this we add the journey itself and it results in the need to change our life , to start from scratch. Are you ready?

+ Dreaming that you see a plane crash on television

Watching the news sometimes brings out our deepest fears. That fear of failure that we talked about before is the protagonist of this dream in which you are watching on television how they give the news that a plane has had an accident and many people have died. But it not only speaks of fear of failure, also of the helplessness you feel due to uncertainty and all those things that you cannot control.

+ Dreaming that you are the pilot of the plane

You don’t have to carry hundreds of passengers or maybe you do. The fact is that in this dream you pilot the plane , you carry the controls and something has happened because you have had an accident. The lives of so many people were in your hands and you think you have failed them. Attention to this dream in which you pilot a plane that crashes because it speaks of excess perfectionism , selfdemand and an accumulation of responsibilities that you can hardly bear.

+ Dreaming of a plane crash without dead

Sometimes it is not an accident as such, but a simple incident. Maybe something happened when the plane was taking off and it finally couldn’t do it or maybe you had to make an emergency landing. But you are all safe, which reminds you that sometimes life shakes you and you are seized by moments of panic , but that does not mean that the situation cannot have a happy ending.

+ Dream of a plane that disappears

There have been cases in reality, airplanes that we suppose have had an accident, but in reality we do not know. All we know is that it has disappeared. Attention to the emotions that this dream transmits to you because they are the ones that are dominating your vital moment: doubts , uncertainty , fear , disbelief , need for answers , helplessness , frustration

+ Dreaming that your family dies in a plane crash

Like almost all plane crash dreams, it is quite a nightmare. Luckily it will not come true, it only reflects your fear that the people you love are not happy , that their dreams or future plans will be truncated, that they will go through certain difficulties in life without you being able to do anything. for helping.

+ Dreaming about survivors of a plane crash

You may see it from the outside, you were not on that plane and yet you are among the survivors watching how they manage to get by. This dream reflects a vital moment of very positive hope in which you believe that anything is possible, that it is possible to get ahead in any situation and that, sometimes, luck is also on your side . It is a moment to seize.

Why do you dream of a plane crash

As you can see, there are many and very different meanings in these dreams in which there is a plane crash. Not only lives are cut short, but also plans, encounters, reunions, experiences, adventures, purposes, efforts … In short, dreams. And it is possible. Of course it is possible that all your illusions will collapse and that disappointment will fill you completely .

But also look at the number of variants this dream has and the nuances of survival, good luck and improvement . Because that is also real. Do not take the dream of a plane accident at face value, but wake up and extract the learning that the dream entails, either to reinforce your weak points, or to stay with your strong points of hope, of believing in yourself and of overcoming.

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