Dreaming of ducks: your ability to enjoy small pleasures

dreaming of ducks

Have you ever dreamed of ducks? It has surely been a pleasant dream because these animals are calm and inspire a lot of confidence, although we are not going to rule out a nightmare either. Anyway, you already know that dreams with animals contain important messages in their interpretation and that when you wake up you can take advantage of the best qualities of the animal you have dreamed of. We tell you in our dream dictionary the meaning of dreaming about ducks .

Why do you dream of ducks: their symbolism

You sit in the park next to a pond and watch the ducks. You quickly realize how comforting it is to spend time with these animals that inspire confidence and tranquility and that are most curious. You will also find that ducks handle very different environments, on land, water and air. And that cannot indicate anything other than a fantastic adaptability .

Ducks are very sociable animals that live in community and in some cultures this is taken into account when symbolizing generosity , care or protection . Do not be surprised to dream of ducks when you are going through a moment when you feel that you do not fit in with your environment or in which the world has become a bit hostile and you need more support than usual.

Among the symbolism of the ducks stands out that of foresight or that of using resources intelligently , so pay attention to your dream because perhaps it is time to organize yourself, to plan better, to establish priorities , to leave doors open to the future. and close them to the past or take flight and change of scene. New airs, new surroundings to which you will adapt perfectly thanks to the inspiration of your dreams with ducks.

Some of the characteristics that are associated with ducks are very interesting and very valuable in life, such as honesty , patience , tranquility , calm , curiosity and knowledge . But if there is an important aspect that we can highlight about these animals and that you can start to apply in your day to day life, it is their ability to appreciate simple pleasures . Are you getting an idea of ​​what your dream with ducks wants to tell you?

The different meanings of dreaming about ducks

So far everything seems very positive with this surprising appearance of ducks in your dreams, but you already know that all dreams have their positive side and their negative side. We are going to see some of the most frequent meanings of dreaming about ducks .

+Dreaming that ducks attack you

And the first dream we analyze is not exactly the most pleasant. When ducks attack you in your dreams it can turn into a Hitchcock movie-style nightmare. They are all your fears , your insecurities and your worries trying to attack you and weaken you, so try to put a stop to this emotional situation as soon as possible.

+Dream that you kill ducks

You may be killing animals because they are attacking you and you already know that what matters is the end result of the fight or the attack. But when you kill animals for no apparent reason it is because you are trying to avoid something, hide from something, not cope with something . In this case, we can intuit that it is a certain feeling of guilt for a lack of honesty in some aspect of your life. You do not want to accept it, you do not want to accept that you have not been up to the task and that is why you kill the ducks that they exercise in this case of reminder of conscience.

+Dreaming that you have a duck as a pet

We move on to the most pleasant dreams. You have a duck sitting on the couch with you sharing a series because you need tranquility, stability and calm in your life. Because you need loyal and honest people by your side , people you can fully trust and with whom you can open up without fear that your weaknesses will be used later. People who know what care and emotional responsibility are.

+Dreaming that you feed the ducks

By feeding ducks what you are doing is feeding that part of yourself that identifies with ducks. What is it about? Well, it depends on each person. It may be that you need to feed your curiosity, improve your adaptability, be more honest, be more sociable, or introduce generosity and gratitude into your life . The idea is being given to you by those ducks that you feed in your dream.

+Dream that you are a duck

Dreams in which you somehow turn into an animal are frequent and have the most interesting interpretations. You dream that you are a duck because you are about to be what you really want to be . And you do not want to be a duck, surely, but you do want to have their abilities to adapt to any environment, their ability to remain calm, their social relationships based on care and, especially, their ability to enjoy the simplest things of life.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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