Dreaming of money, does it mean economic prosperity?

dreaming of money

Coins or bills appear frequently in our dreams as a result of our daily financial worries. Thus, we are faced with strange dreams in which we count huge amounts of bills, coins fly over us or sign blank checks. Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming about money ? Our dream dictionary gives you the keys to interpret your dream experiences with silver.

The meaning of dreaming about money

As you might expect, money symbolizes economic prosperity and business success . But dreaming about money also tells you about your love life and aspects of your personality such as self-esteem or self- confidence . If you dream that you receive gold, it is the best omen, because economic bonanza times are coming.

On the contrary, if you dream that you are lending money, you can prepare yourself to experience certain difficulties in social relationships . And if what you dream of is that you lose money, it does not mean so much a material loss, as a spiritual loss , of values. Maybe you need to stop to find your emotional balance.

A dream in which you are saving or looking at a lot of money has a very positive interpretation that things will go well for you economically . On the contrary, if in your dream you are eating money, it means that you will have to do something that you do not like to get liquidity.

The coins and bills in your dreams and their symbolism

But while we can dream of bills , it is more common to dream of coins . Coins that also symbolize your economic concerns and that in many cases represent opportunities , those you took, and those you lost.

If gold coins symbolize wealth , silver coins speak of your inner strength or emotional balance , while copper coins represent family responsibilities . And contrary to what it might seem, be careful if you dream of being given coins, because it means that someone will betray you .

Both dreaming of being surrounded by coins and losing them has a clear interpretation of economic problems . Whereas if in your dream you find coins, it means that you will soon find a job . And if what you like is counting coins in your dreams, congratulations, because it bodes well in love .

Why do you dream of money

Money is a very important element in our lives . Contrary to what some insist on affirming, money also contributes to happiness, so it is normal that it appears in our dreams regularly. Economic prosperity is part of happiness in the same way that a shortage of money produces a series of worries, problems and burdens that cause unhappiness.

It is not that you are a materialistic person because you dream of money, because you need money, but that you are a realistic person. Financial worry is not the only thing that your dreams with money reflect. The interpretation of these types of dreams also delves into a more interior terrain talking about the security or insecurity you feel, your anxiety levels or how you face uncertainty .

We can play to interpret dreams with money in a premonitory key, but surely we would be wrong in our forecasts. You have already verified on occasion that, for example, dreaming of lottery numbers , does not guarantee the prize of a few million that would solve your life. No, dreams with money are not premonitory , but you can use them to analyze the problems you are experiencing, face difficulties, seek solutions and, therefore, increase your well-being. That is not little, right?

The most frequent dreams with money and their interpretation

There are many situations that you can see in your dreams in which money takes center stage, but there are some frequent dreams that are repeated insistently in many people. And in the face of that recurrence we cannot do anything other than pay more attention to them.

+ Dreaming that you count money

Like a greedy King Midas you find yourself counting your bills. Or maybe it’s someone else’s money. The fact is that you enjoy in the dream the touch of the bills, the sensation of counting money and never ending. Attention because that happiness you feel can be fleeting and it may fly away as it has come.

+To dream that you are broke

Dreaming that you don’t have any money is a real nightmare. Your life has collapsed, you owe a lot of money and you have no recourse. Is there a way out of this situation? Sure there is. Without a doubt you are going through serious difficulties in life and they do not have to be related to money, but this dream is a way of inviting you to find an answer to that question that haunts your head: what is the worst that could happen?

+ Dreaming that your money is stolen

The dream in which money is stolen from you, maybe some thieves breaking into your house or maybe a robber at the same ATM, is most revealing. It is not a premonitory dream nor does it necessarily speak of money but it is true that someone close to you is destabilizing you, is wearing you out, is taking away your self-confidence.

+ Dream that you are a millionaire

Although many insist on the contrary, the truth is that it is fortunate to be a millionaire because you have a vital peace of mind at least in economic matters that few people achieve. And of tranquility , calm , calm and serenity this dream speaks. It is not the material aspect that matters in this dream, but that degree of calm that you would achieve having everything. Money is nothing more than a symbol in this case of the dream, the symbol of inner wealth and of having reached that point where you appreciate what you have and do not need anything else.

+ Dreaming that you bathe in money

Ethically this dream may seem an obscenity to you, but deep down, surely you would love to have so much money that you could get into a bathtub full of bills. How do you feel about this dream? It does not seem like a nightmare, of course, although perhaps it happens so that when you wake up you can reflect on what you could really have in that bathtub. Money will not be, for better or for worse. But, what do you have at your fingertips to give you a relaxing bath or a well-deserved rest?

Other dreams in which money appears

Is the dream you had not part of the previous ones that we have told you about? We have many other interpretations of dreams in which money is the protagonist and we are going to tell you about them:

The meaning of dreams with money

Dreaming of an envelope of money – the falsehood that surrounds you . Money is so important in our lives that it is not surprising that it also appears in dreams. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of an envelope of money.

The danger of dreaming of losing all your money . You don’t know if it’s a dream or a nightmare, but this morning you woke up completely ruined. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of losing all your money.

Dreaming of finding money: you are in luck! . Finding money suddenly and without expecting it is, without a doubt, a great stroke of luck, even if it only happens in your dreams, so you should make the most of it. Discover in the dream dictionary of Diario Femenino what it means to dream of finding money.

Dreaming that someone owes you money and its enriching message . Whether you have lent money to someone or not, it is very likely that you dream that someone owes you money. But … what exactly does this dream experience mean? In our dream dictionary you can discover its interpretation. Very attentive because it hides an enriching message behind …

Dreaming that you lose your credit card: what exactly does it mean . Dreaming that you lose your credit card can be a real nightmare, but it is also a way to test yourself. Do you want to know its exact meaning? We tell you the interpretation of your dream experiences with money in our dream dictionary. Attention!

Dreaming of earning a lot of money – take the opportunity . Who wouldn’t want to earn more money. This question can appear directly in your dreams of money. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that you earn a lot of money.

Dreaming that you run out of money: learn to manage your resources . Money is a fundamental part of our lives and that is why it also appears in dreams. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that you run out of money.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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