Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Sagittarius woman in love

the sagittarius woman in love

When a relationship ends, it is not always due to character incompatibility. Sometimes the incompatibility comes from the stars . It seems the zodiac signs also understand love and heartbreak and many times we do not choose the wrong man, but the man with the wrong zodiac sign. In this sense, Sagittarius is one of the signs that is most moved by love. Fire needs energy to feed it and take it to another dimension.

The most powerful of the Sagittarius is the one who comes to find love in the hands of the person who would have least imagined. The Sagittarius woman moves in that true love that ends up being the one that marks her forever, to know its authenticity she is able to perform a series of tests that take her to the top. In matters of the heart, this woman knows very well the strength of a feeling that can lead her to drift. It is important that you connect physically with that person you like, but it is also essential that you do so on an emotional or spiritual level. It takes a lot of keys to hit the depths of the Sagittarius woman’s heart, but in the end, the melody will be one of the most wonderful ever heard.

How is the Sagittarius woman in love

The Sagittarius woman needs to feel love . As music starts from a physical force, a percussion or wind blow that translates into an immaterial melody. This nexus between the physical and what is not, is what this woman wants to find in her day-to-day sentimental life. As if you were a renowned songwriter, you will begin to create the perfect melody from within your heart. He will write it so that it can become a reality based on a series of elements that can change the way you see the world forever. Love has that unprecedented transformative capacity.

When it is written, it will follow a line of good feelings that will translate into the materialization of that love. That physical part that will be the one that leads the most authentic of Sagittarius. This sign is attracted to beauty , although it knows that love goes far beyond this external vision of people. To balance these forces, you need an interior full of mysticism and intelligence. The Sagittarius woman is attracted by that intelligence that her possible partner gives off, it is not measured by titles, but by the way of communicating and showing that she masters certain topics.

Signs most compatible with the Sagittarius woman in love

+ Leo and Sagittarius, an instant connection

If there is a quintessential sign that impresses the Sagittarius woman, it is Leo . The fire between the two is one of the most intense in the zodiac and it is not surprising. The spark will be almost instantaneous at a time in your life that both will need each other in every way. Leo impresses with his appearance, but also with that leadership capacity that is what will take Sagittarius to another level. In all respects it will be able to give you what you need. The totality of what it represents will be what Sagittarius is looking for.

To connect with this woman you need to bet hard and Leo is willing to do so. It will totally launch itself in a direction that you will be passionate about. He is someone who really needs to feel loved in every way and there is no better way to show it than through those emotions that both will be processed to infinity and beyond by Leo. The great gestures of love will cover this relationship with glory that will be fed back by each new hug, kiss or moment of passion that will be born between them almost automatically.

+ Sagittarius surrenders to the love of an Aquarius

The air will feed the fire and it will do so in such a way that it ends up generating an unforgettable relationship for both of you . Perhaps it is the final one given the great compatibility that exists between the two. Sagittarius will love knowing that there is an Aquarius willing to follow his adventures around the world in an incredible way. The imagination and way of living the life of this air sign will directly attract a fire sign willing to be carried away by a thousand and one different paths. This way of being unpredictable is what will enchant the Sagittarius woman to the point of not wanting to be away from that air of transformation that is here to stay.

Aquarius will change the lives of others, but especially of a sign like Sagittarius that will allow itself to be completely transformed. Faced with such a transformation , love will install itself almost forever . It is one of the combinations that receives the most positive results from both signs, Aquarius will feel the spark and passion that it lacks, Sagittarius will rise from its ashes to become someone totally different. The way of thinking of a revolutionary Aquarius will make the Sagittarius woman fall in love.

What signs are least compatible with the Sagittarius woman in love?

+ Taurus will knock out the Sagittarius woman

The earth does not suit fire , it is an element that can bother you and end the passion of the Sagittarius woman. Both signs can feel a certain attraction, given the uniqueness of each one, but a relationship that has more to lose than gain can hardly come to fruition . In a certain way, they will both become two totally different people who will fall into the networks of an impossible love.

Taurus will want to bring a forced stability to a Sagittarius who will want with all his might to separate himself from this sensation. The love of a Sagittarius woman must be free and fit if she really wants to maintain the desired stability that is being sought. Between the two, a series of accessories must be positioned that will end up being those that mark a better future. Commitment is not part of Sagittarius plans, although it is essential for Taurus.

+ The Sagittarius woman will be flooded by the emotions of Cancer

One relationship that is destined to fail right out  of the box is Sagittarius with Cancer . Both signs of the zodiac are incompatible given their way of being. The lack of emotions of the Sagittarius woman collides head-on with the Cancer who seeks by all means a way to make her emotions feel to the fullest. The way to show your feelings and the different visions of the path that a relationship must take will forever confront these two signs, the positions are difficult to match. Night and day cannot meet, although through an eclipse that occurs occasionally from time to time it seems that they can. The relationship is unlikely to last longer than that magical instant that occurs when the moon meets the sun.

On the one hand, Cancer focuses on his family and forming hers is indispensable. The freedom of Sagittarius is what will make this sign a kind of antithesis of what they will end up wanting. Commitment for the Sagittarius woman is difficult to measure and achieve. It requires a series of processes that will be marked by a different path from Cancer. It is not the emotions that will lead to this decision making, but the actions. Without seeing what is behind those feelings, it will be difficult for the two to fit together correctly. The vital aspirations of both are very different , although there may be love, the paths of these two signs are destined to separate.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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