Dreaming of the death of your partner is not premonitory

dreaming of the death of your partner is not premonitory

Do not be scared of dreaming of death because it is not a negative dream

Dreams with the death of people you love are real nightmares that bring out your own fears, but you can rest easy because they are not premonitory dreams. Dreaming about the death of your partner is a frequent dream from which you wake up with fear and a feeling of guilt. If you want to know its meaning , enter our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream of the death of your partner

Will something bad happen to your partner? Do you hate your partner and you didn’t realize it? Do you want your partner to disappear from your life? These are the questions you ask yourself when you wake up from a dream in which your partner dies. Do not punish yourself, because in the meaning of this dream we do not find any repressed evil desire and it is not a vision of the future either .

+ It is inevitable to be afraid in these dreams in which death appears , but, in reality, the dream symbolism of death is very positive. Death is understood as a possibility of being reborn , of starting over, of burying the bad so that the good can be born. Therefore, it is normal for you to have this dream when your partner is going through a difficult time .

+ You do not wish your partner death, do not blame yourself. What you wish him is that he can start a new life cycle to leave his problems behind . The Phoenix is reborn again and again from its own ashes because in this life there are times when it has to completely regenerate, transform and learn everything again.

+ When you dream of the death of your partner, you are actually dreaming of a better life for him . If that implies a breakup, the dream does not say, you will have to find out. But what in no case indicates is that you wish him something bad. Wake up, shake off your fears and blame and get ready to start a new day with your partner.

The different meanings of dreaming about the death of your partner

Taking this into account, it is true that the meanings of dreaming about the death of your partner change depending on what happens in the dream and also according to your life context. Do you want to know what are the most frequent dreams about the death of your partner ?

+ Dreaming that your partner dies of an illness

It must be clarified that illnesses in dreams are not premonitory either, so do not take the dream at face value because you have not acquired prophetic abilities. The disease is associated with moments of emotional weakness , with internal conflicts . If your partner is in a moment of vital crisis or loss, this dream is signaling this situation.

+ Dreaming that you kill your partner

To dream that you kill your partner, that you attack them in a fight or in an argument or that you get into a fight to the death are frequent dreams and their meaning is not as scary as it seems. It is true that the dream takes the conflict to its most extreme consequences, but all it does is reflect a relationship crisis from which you will have to leave, together or apart, but in any case completely renewed.

+ Dreaming that your partner dies in an accident

In your dream the phone rings and it is the worst news that could be given to you. Your partner has died in a traffic accident . You will have to go to the hospital and digest this shocking and surprising news on the way. Once again, it is not a premonitory dream, but information about the state of your partner: he has lost himself, he has stopped walking or he does not know which way to go in life . And in that moment of loss, before he decides where to continue, you fear that he may decide to continue alone.

+ Dreaming about the funeral of your partner

This dream may be talking about you or your partner, but in both cases it is about reflecting on what place you occupy in your closest circle. The funeral of your partner is a kind of test to see who supports you , who mourns his death, who takes into account your suffering and who goes through that funeral out of pure commitment. Do not take what happens in the dream at face value, it is just a way of externalizing what you are already thinking and that does not have to coincide with reality.

+ Dreaming that you are happy about the death of your partner

The real nightmare is having to face the fact that you are happy with the death of your partner. Remember that it is a dream. And remember also that that liberation you feel and that joy respond to the fact that your partner is about to start a new stage , a new cycle. Is it not cause for joy?


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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