How to Make Love to a Man Over 40 Years Old

how to make love to a man over 40 years old

Do you know how to make love to a man over 40 and what he wants? Sexual desires and preferences can change significantly with age. What a boy wants when he is 25 years old may not be the same as what he wants when he is 35, 45 or over 50 years old.

Men in their 40s may not be in their prime, but many still have strong sexual appetites and still want certain things when it comes to sex. So what do 40-year-old men want in bed?

How to Make Love to a Man Over 40 Years Old? 

This is what the experts and some 40-year-old men and many others we talked to and inquired with had to say about what a 40-year-old man in bed really wants, so you better pay close attention.

 1. Trust 

Men in their 40s want to sleep with someone who is confident in their body , their sexuality, and the experience.

Relationship expert Gerard Tesini says: Even if you don’t want to do something in particular, getting to know him, and being eloquent about your refusal to do certain things, is much better for an experienced guy than someone who is shy and just goes too far.

And it is that to make love to a man you must exude confidence and not look like a little girl who does not know what she is doing, be natural and do not think about things too much.

 2. Experimentation 

Many 40-year-old men are still single and can still talk about the connection. Whether a man is married, in a dating relationship, or still non-committal, they still like to experiment a lot in the bedroom.

We’re not wrong when it comes to what we enjoy when it comes to sex, so assuming we like the same missionary position is actually a huge hurdle.

 3. Appreciation 

Men over 40 want you to have a good time. They want to feel that they manage to please you because their experience is not just about their sexual experience, it is about whether or not they are your sexual hero.

In other words, they want to be the best lover you have ever had, and if you have fun, they will be very proud and that is very comforting to them.

 4. Underwear 

Guys will always love to look at the female body and it seems that some women feel that lingerie is meaningless after a certain age so you should get down to work and buy the best and sexiest lingerie you see, this drives them crazy .

Don’t be afraid to surprise him with something silky and sexy, especially if he’s not used to seeing you in something like that. Also, knowing that you like to wear gives men a clear choice for gifts.

 5. Self-knowledge 

Men over 40 want some little advice, in fact they are open to that, and they want you to have done your homework, so that you know your body well enough to give them clues as to what works best for you.

Therefore, the better you know yourself and your body, the happier they will be with you because they will benefit from your self-knowledge ”.

 6. Privacy 

It’s obnoxious when women just want to get straight to the point, 40-year-olds can’t use the on-off switch like they used to in their 20s, so play around with kisses and touches beforehand.

This situation, in addition to turning you on, pleases them because they love that YOU feel pleasure, whether it is hugs or intimate contact.

 7. Don’t treat him like Old 

If you want to sexually catch a guy in his 40s, don’t let him feel old, nobody likes this situation. Some guys may like that, but they are still in their 40s, so a woman who acts like a girl in the sexual act is a total sex diffuser and there is hardly any return, very careful than sex with men in their 40s. It should be 10/10.

The thing about a man in his 40s is that he still has the active sexual appetite of a younger man, but has enough experience to want a little more than a typical night out.

You must be confident, tell him what he likes and what he doesn’t, have fun with new things, and appreciate him in and out of the room. They will both have a good time and grow even more in their relationship and that making love with a 40-year-old man must be an incredible experience, he is no longer that child from before, nor is he any old man, he has the perfect wisdom and energy to get through. an excellent night in bed 🙂

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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