Dreaming of the Magi: recover the illusion

dreaming of the magi

Some dreams act as a vital impulse to regain hope and keep illusions intact. This is the case of dreaming of the Three Kings , a dream full of magic that allows you to recover the smile of childhood. Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings related to your dream experiences with the Magi.

The symbolism of dreams with the Magi: illusion and magic

Surely you remember that feeling of excitement that Christmas gave you when you were a child and, more specifically, that waiting for the Three Kings. It was a magical moment, full of illusion and also of expectation to see if your wishes had been fulfilled. In this line the interpretation of the dreams in which the Magi appear is centered .

When the Three Wise Men come to bring you gifts it is because you feel a loved person, surely you know that for someone you are very special and, therefore, the Three Wise Men come to materialize your wishes. It is a dream that helps you to maintain the illusion and to continue believing in magic , in that magic that you carry inside and that will lead you to turn your dreams into reality.

This dream with the Magi finds a curious meaning if what you see is the three magi following the star . It is a dream in which you find the strength you need to follow your path and achieve your goals just as they managed to reach their destination from so far away. That you dream of the Magi comes to tell you not to give up .

It can also happen that you dream of the Three Wise Men motivated by a feeling of guilt . When you have doubts about the way you act or know that you have not behaved correctly, you may not feel worthy of the gifts that the Kings bring you. Guilt and self-punishment to remind you that you will be happier if you can live up to your values.

The meaning of your dreams with Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar

It may happen that you dream of the three Wise Men arriving at your house loaded with gifts , but it may also happen that in your dream experiences only one of their Majesties appears. Melchior? Gaspar? Or maybe Baltasar? Who have you dreamed of? Each Wise King has his own interpretation in dreams:

+ Dreaming of Melchior: interpretation

If the one who appears in your dreams is Melchior , to interpret its meaning, you have to attend to the gift that this King brought to the child Jesus at his birth in Bethlehem: myrrh . And what does myrrh represent? Myrrh symbolizes wisdom, maturity, intelligence, experience

You have all these qualities and the dream comes into your life to remind you of it. It is time for you to wake up believing in yourself and in your ability to change the things that hurt you.

+ The meaning of dreaming about Gaspar

For Freud, and according to an article by María Laura Sierra published in 2009 in the scientific journal Historia y Grafía, it is in the world of dreams that people can satisfy everything that they cannot satisfy in the world of reality. And that is precisely why Gaspar appears in your dream experiences. You are confused, weak, frustrated, and need a good boost of energy .

You need to improve your self-esteem in real life and the Magician King Gaspar in dreams is able to fill you with magic, love and light . Wake up to life feeling really powerful. You are.

+ The symbolism of the Wise King Balthazar in dreams

Have you dreamed of Baltasar ? You are in luck because Baltasar was in charge of bringing gold to the baby Jesus. And do you know what gold symbolizes in dreams? Indeed. It symbolizes money, power, success in the material context .

Who knows, maybe this next Christmas you will win the lottery or maybe your boss surprises you with a salary increase. The fact is that this dream with the Wise King Balthazar will bring you a lot of fortune, also in the most spiritual sense. When you wake up you will begin to feel freer, more powerful, stronger . Never lose sight of it: wealth begins with yourself !

Different dreams with the Magi and their interpretation

You have already discovered the powerful symbolism of the Magi in dreams and what each of them means separately, but the truth is that the meaning of these types of dreams always depends on the context. It is not the same to dream that the Three Wise Men bring you the gifts that you had asked for to dream that they leave you coal under the tree . Therefore, we also tell you the most frequent dreams with the Magi and their specific interpretation :

+ Dreaming that the Kings bring you the gift you wanted

As you can imagine, this dream has very good omens, but you do not have to take it in the literal sense that this Christmas you are going to receive the material gift you want, but as an anticipation that the project or goal you have in mind will to start to bear fruit or that some problem that you are currently very worried about will begin to find a solution very soon.

Remember, first of all, that the best gifts do not cost any money and are always symbolic.

+ Dreaming that the Three Wise Men leave you coal

Have you been bad this year? The Three Wise Men are not going to give you coal on January 6 because you already know that this is something that parents always said to their children when they were little and did some mischief. But, be careful, very attentive to this type of dream because it may be indicating that you are not behaving correctly with someone around you . It could be your partner, someone from your family, a friend … You will have to reconsider that when you wake up and put a solution to it if you don’t want this nightmare to keep repeating itself at night when you sleep.

+ Dreaming that you see the Three Wise Men

You should be asleep and yet you have been awake and on your way to the bathroom it seemed to you to see one of the Magi or perhaps all three … The interpretation of this dream depends on the sensations with which you wake up . If you wake up feeling distressed it is because this dream is a warning that very soon you will discover a lie that you will not like very much. An infidelity from your partner ? A betrayal of a friend?

On the contrary, if you wake up feeling happy, it means that having seen the Three Wise Men makes you a privileged person , someone very fortunate who is really happy and very satisfied with his life.

+ Dreaming that you deliver the letter to the Magi

Deliver the letter to the Magi . This is the first step to make your wishes come true, right? This dream experience only means one thing: you need help .

As much as you want to do things alone and your way, the reality is that you need someone to help you . Pay attention to your dream!

+ Dreaming of the cavalcade of the Magi

The illusion is one of the most striking aspects in this dream in which you are or witness the cavalcade of the Magi. That feeling of going back to childhood and seeing their Majesties in their floats handing out sweets to all the children is incomparable and there is no doubt that after this dream, you will wake up full of energy or with a really renewed aura .

But, be careful, because this dream experience can also have its negative counterpart if you discover that the Magi of that parade you dream of are not the real ones and are only men in disguise. It can mean that you have someone around who does not really show what they are and that you must unmask or it can also be interpreted as a lack of illusion , a vital moment in which you have stopped believing in magic and it is very difficult to get the desire to Do those things that you used to love so much. In the latter case, you should ask for help to regain faith and hope.

+ Dreaming of the Magi following the star

This dream has excellent omens. It means that you are a person with very clear ideas , you know perfectly what is the path or direction you have to follow to achieve what you want and nothing and nobody can do anything to make you doubt yourself. Congratulations, follow that path accompanied by the valuable people that you have in your environment and we assure you that you will get very far. Cheer up!

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