Dreaming of a fireplace: heat from home or an escape route?

dreaming of a fireplace

There are nights when you dream of specific parts of a house. Or it may not be your real home, but some part of a home. And there was a time when life passed around a specific place: the fireplace. The warmth of the home has no better representation than a fireplace in the middle of the living room and with everyone gathered by the fire. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of a fireplace .

Why do you dream of a fireplace

Dreaming of fireplaces has two very different main meanings , as different are the fireplaces that you can dream of. A chimney is a conduit that goes from a room to the roof through which the smoke from the fire that you light in your home passes. Although there are also industrial chimneys, in large factories that expel a smoke of doubtful colors and unpleasant aromas.

When dreaming of this type of fireplace we understand that something has to go outside, probably something that you have to let go from inside and that is tormenting you . Can you imagine building an indoor fireplace to better express your emotions? What we need is fire , which remains within; what comes out of the chimney is the smoke, which we do not need at all because precisely it does not let us see clearly.

But there are other types of fireplaces, that hole you have in the living room of your cabin in the country where you light the fire and sit next to it to warm up on winter afternoons, to heat your whole house as heating, to feel better. There is no more evocative scene of well-being than sitting by the fireplace reading a good book while having a cup of tea. Or when the whole family gathers by the fire at Christmas.

The different meanings of dreaming of a fireplace

These scenes and the differences between the fireplaces will give you an idea of ​​the different meanings your dream has. Are you dreaming of an escape route or are you dreaming of the warmth of home?

+ Dreaming of a house chimney

A chimney on the roof of a house is what makes it possible for everything you don’t need to come out, the smoke that doesn’t let you see, that doesn’t let you understand. It is a dream that occurs in delicate moments in which doubts do not let you think clearly . There is something inside you that you do not understand and that causes you a lot of emotional distress, so you will have to light the fire and let the smoke go up the chimney.

+ Dreaming of a factory chimney

Perhaps the fireplace you dream of is an industrial one and surely you feel the dream as something threatening, a danger, without it becoming a nightmare . It is a feeling that you are in danger but you have not yet identified it. And that danger comes from outside.

+ Dreaming that you sit by the fireplace

Do you need heat? Sometimes we are cold, an interior cold that does not pass us with anything, it is the cold of loneliness , depression , disappointment or sadness . The causes of this cold may be different, but the solution is always the same, let yourself take care of yours in a place where the temperature is more pleasant than inside.

+ Dreaming that Santa Claus enters through the chimney

Fireplaces play an important role at Christmas . Here they do not have the function of expelling the fumes, but of letting the protagonist of Christmas enter. You can have this dream at any time of the year and it is not only talking about that person who brings you gifts wrapped in colored paper, but about all those people who give you their time , their attention, their love.

+ Dream About a Stuck Chimney

We have a problem, because if the chimney is clogged the smoke will not come out and your house will fill with soot and a cloud that will not let you see anything. The smell is also unpleasant and this situation indicates a moment of discomfort with yourself or with the people in your closest environment, those who are part of your home.

+ Dreaming that you live in the fireplace

Do you live in the fireplace? It’s a complicated and uncomfortable place to live, right? But it has its advantages, because you only have to look out a little and see a spectacular panorama of the city from your roof. And why are you so close to the roof? Maybe you want to run away , hide in the fireplace for a while and then run across the rooftops, far away from your own life .

+ Erotic dreams by the fireplace

It is inevitable to associate a low fireplace in a living room with romanticism. A romanticism that dreams strive to transform into eroticism and that has nothing to do with what happens under the sheets. The erotic dreams to the side of the chimney rather indicate the need to connect with others , to establish deeper ties, to communicate honestly, to get closer to others.

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