Dreaming of vaccines: your ability to overcome

dreaming of vaccines

Sometimes we want to quickly forget some unpleasant dreams or nightmares, but we must always try to find their interpretation. It is the case of dreaming about vaccines, a dream with its face and its cross that speaks of your ability to overcome. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream about vaccines .

The face and the cross of dreaming about vaccines: its symbolism

To better understand the meaning of this dream about vaccines, you have to stop for a moment to understand how a vaccine works . It is a remedy or an aid to avoid diseases with a very particular procedure, that of putting the virus of the disease itself into your body. It seems convoluted but it works, as convoluted as the dream mechanism.

Therefore, the interpretation of this dream with vaccines starts from the negative, from that virus that in your real life is equivalent to a specific problem, an emotional disorder or, simply, a period in which life overtakes you. The vaccine you dream of is to make you see that within you you have the strength and the necessary resources to overcome this delicate moment .

But an extra help never hurts . And hence the injection with the vaccine, with the help, with the remedy that will make you immune and stronger to face whatever comes . So do not consider this dream about vaccines as a nightmare because it has reached your subconscious to help you.

These types of dreams, such as when you dream about doctors or hospitals, are frequent in hypochondriacs who have many fears regarding health, but all of them speak of help, of that help that we all need to realize that in reality , we ourselves are capable of defeating the virus.

Why do you dream about vaccines: all their meanings

Today dreaming about vaccines has become one of the most frequent dreams due to the coronavirus pandemic . We are torn between hope and fear and this is also reflected in dreams. A fear that vaccines have been obtained too quickly and have side effects that were not anticipated, not to mention conspiracy theories that paint a post-apocalyptic panorama worthy of a horror movie and science fiction.

But also a hope that with the vaccine people will stop dying, the hope of being able to control this disease that has shocked the whole world. It is normal that you have dreams about vaccines because it is one of your main concerns. But we want to insist on the more useful character of the interpretation of dreams. Why do you dream of vaccines? Or maybe this other question would be better: what do you dream of vaccines for?

+You dream of vaccines to realize that every problem, no matter how immense it may seem, has a solution. In reality, it is most likely that you do not have a single solution but several, but you have to find them. Find the solution and dare to apply it , that is another step that invites you to dream with vaccines. Because when you apply a solution to a problem, the panorama surely changes for the better, but you will also have to adapt to the new situation .

+One of the most frequent dreams is that the vaccine they give you does not work, makes you sicker or causes you a disease unknown until now. A kind of “the remedy is worse than the disease.” This dream originates from the distrust caused by the unknown , the novel, the unforeseen. And that is why it is a dream that invites you to reflect on how you relate to the unpredictable .

+You may be surprised by a dream that we are frequently asked about in recent weeks. To dream that you discover a vaccine, be it for the coronavirus or for any other disease, is one of those dream experiences that you will not forget. And not because it makes you see that you have more capabilities than you are using, not because it makes you realize that you are stronger than you think , but because it wants to highlight your more supportive aspect and your need to help others .

+Especially scary is the dream in which you get an experimental vaccine in a hospital room where you are surrounded by medical personnel, scientists, researchers … you feel like a guinea pig with all those people watching your reaction to the vaccine. This nightmare is not going to come true, the reality is that it perfectly draws how you feel about your environment , observed, analyzed and perhaps a little used.


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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