Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Pisces woman in love

the pisces woman in love

What compatibility do you have with your partner or with the person you like? The horoscope and compatibility of the signs can give us many clues about the love that can exist between two people, or the conflicts that can appear in a relationship. Gemma Meca, astrologer, tells us what the Pisces woman is like in love according to the horoscope .

The Pisces woman firmly believes in true love. He gives himself up with open arms to a relationship that may destroy him, but he doesn’t care. Living love with all its consequences is its reason for being. You cannot stop and even less when you know you have a lot to gain. The invisible to the eyes is what makes her vibrate and dream of her own fantasy with which she is born. Their relationships can be epic, typical of a Hollywood blockbuster movie: these are the main characteristics of the Pisces woman in love.

The Pisces woman has blind faith in love

The love is the main raison d’etre of the Pisces woman . He has blind faith in the people who accompany him on this path. He is not capable of seeing an infidelity, nor can he see beyond what his love says. This ability to believe and generate a security that may be unreal, is what pushes you towards drama.

A script typical of some kind of Hollywood movie is something that can be seen as Pisces begins to fall in love . Editing the movie is literally something he does with special interest. He cannot stop imagining or fantasizing about that person next to him . He is someone who knows very well how to enhance his feelings based on a lot of imagination.

You can create a universe or a parallel reality. He hides himself in his mind and emotions beyond what happens around him. Everything can happen in a relationship that has as its central axis the truest love , the one that comes from a Pisces woman who is not willing to give up. These emotions are the ones that will take you to the top if you are able to find your better half or soul mate to accompany you in your day to day.

The signs with which Pisces will make a good couple according to the horoscope

+ Aries

Pisces and Aries are a combination capable of enhancing love in all its forms . Aries is fire, intensity, and emotions. Together with Pisces you will discover a whole range of possibilities that can take you to the top. Both are people who blindly believe in each other, they have feelings that are never hidden and that is a plus point in any relationship. The main problem can come as the one and the other do not know how to find a balance .

Pisces can be hurt by the words of a combative Aries. The woman of this sign knows very well that she will be able to deal with the warrior, as long as she is able to attend to the designs of a person who knows her especially well. The sincerity will be the way of resolving conflicts between them , but also with the blind trust between them.

+ Virgo

Pisces and Virgo recognize each other as soon as they meet, love comes immediately . Virgo stability becomes a desirable element of a Pisces woman. For his part Virgo is especially seduced by a person who has a charm and a mysticism that takes him out of his overwhelming reality. The love between the two can reach enormous levels of feelings.

Virgo will come out of their safe zone, they can put the armor aside and allow the feelings of the Pisces woman to surround them from the depths of their being. Water will bring out the best in an earth sign that is willing to be carried away by that true love that only appears once in a lifetime.

+ Taurus

Pisces and Taurus will live an intimate connection never seen before . The most reserved Taurus will not be able to stop looking into those sincere eyes that will look at him from a distance. The connection with the Pisces woman can end up being totally overwhelming. Taurus will be able to express themselves in a way that they have never been able to feel love before. You will unlock your emotions at the hand of a woman who can really understand you.

Pisces will know how to strike a chord with a sign that has a huge heart. The Pisces woman will be attracted to that stability and clarity of emotions. Taurus will never let you down what you tell him will be the reality that you will merge into a love that can benefit both of you. In the intimacy he will live incredible passions, the fantasy will come true in the hands of a sign that can become mythical.

Pisces and the least compatible zodiac signs in love

+ Gemini

Pisces and Gemini are a dangerous combination in love. With air signs there is the problem of beating around the bush or losing your way . The Pisces woman has a fantasy point that can take her to enormous levels of unreality. Mixed with a Gemini who is passionate about putting on his own personal dramas and who changes his mind every five minutes, the combination can be overwhelming .

Gemini can add a bit of excitement to Pisces love life, but not offer the true and sincere love that you are looking for. It is a relationship that is condemned to make various efforts to be able to come to fruition, the first of which is to put both feet on the ground and the second is to opt for a sincerity and determination that they must cultivate between them.

+ Aquarium

The Pisces woman collides directly with Aquarius . Aquarius is another of the air signs that turns off the light of the Pisces woman. He does not do it on purpose, but rather gets carried away by these emotions that can become too intense for an air sign. Aquarius will flee when the relationship begins to be serious , he will not want to stay when the seriousness begins to make an appearance.

Pisces have a lot in common with an Aquarius that could give you what you need if you have the point of maturity to be able to set the course for true love. The water sign is very marked by that idealization with the love that it also shares with Aquarius. You can have that feeling on such a high pedestal that it will be difficult for you both to reach it.

+ Leo

The conflict with Leo can come if the love is not for real . Pisces with Leo can come to understand each other, but only with a total sacrifice of Pisces. The woman of this sign will give herself totally to strong and determined arms, but also to a sign that loves to be the center of attention. It will be impossible not to see in Leo a partner for life, a person who complements you in many ways.

The problem in this relationship will come when Leo wants to always be the center of attention and does not give Pisces the attention it needs. You can never get away from feelings that are always what they are and can touch the heart of Pisces in a never seen way. Challenges seduce this woman who wants a Leo capable of making her grow and get excited in many ways.

Love is the piece that the Pisces woman values ​​the most in her life. You will need to make it fit anyway. With any sign she will give it her all and be ready to explore parts of herself never seen before. Pisces never gives up , with any sign he will do everything possible to make everything flow, like a river that does not stop, love can never stop.

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