Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Taurus woman in love

the taurus woman in love

Find out if you have an affinity with this zodiac sign

The horoscope has a lot to say about the compatibility of the signs in love. For example, with whom will the Taurus woman be compatible in love ? With what other signs could you not form a stable or more serious partner? The sign of Taurus is Rapunzel of the zodiac. She waits while her hair grows and, with it, her expectations of ideal love.

Make a plan, some objectives that you focus on. She is not willing to give up anything, she knows what she wants and will do what she can to get it. She will wait patiently for her prince until she is ready to come down from her fantasy castle. You will touch with your own hands what you have created with your mind. But be careful , Taurus woman , sometimes stories do not have a happy ending, waiting too long has its consequences. If you don’t release your mane in time, the prince may be tired of trying to climb the tower to no avail. Patience has a limit and passion can be extinguished if it is not used. Do you want to know more details? In Diario Femenino we tell you everything you need to know.

The ideal love that the Taurus woman gives off

Fantasy becomes reality after insisting on what you want. This is the Taurus woman technique . You know what you want and you could give a talk listing each quality of your ideal partner, but you always forget the most important factor, love. You can feel the crush of Cupid, although it is not very often that you fall in love at first sight without knowing the person. For her it is better to know perfectly who and how she accompanies her in her day to day. You will find out all the details of that person for whom you have begun to feel an irrational feeling that has come into your life.

The ideal love that you give off is the one that ends up attracting what you need in your life. He is able to look for the qualities or to focus perfectly on what he needs and wants to see materialized. Beyond love is the stability that can lead to great explosions of happiness. He will not get off his tower, his fantasy castle until reality is perfectly arranged in his own way. With this somewhat perfectionist attitude, he has missed great opportunities as a young man . The passage of the years will give Taurus the maturity necessary to act more quickly, he will build an elevator instead of stairs to quickly descend into the arms of his prince.

The most compatible zodiac signs with Taurus

+ Scorpio

The land and water complement each other perfectly . They are the two elements necessary for nature to bear fruit and will end up being the germ of a very intense relationship. With Scorpio, the Taurus woman can feel the crush almost immediately. The qualities of this sign are perfect to get her out of her safety zone. Scorpio is of few words, he likes to act, just the opposite of Taurus. Between the two , an inevitable climate of passion will be created , the desire is mutual, they will let their body initiate the action, beyond their rational decisions.

Scorpio will see in the Taurus woman an ideal full of good feelings. An emotional stability that she does not have and that self-confidence that she lacks so much. They will learn from each other, feelings, emotions with a lot of passion. It can be a perfect relationship, but also very intense . Taurus will need Scorpio to be able to advance and grow, the reciprocal intensity will be felt as time goes by. The connection is basic, but the prosperity of both worlds in a single relationship is total. Rapunzel will not take long to throw her hair at the sign of Scorpio, she will let it rise to her tower, but only if she finds that the relationship can be lasting.

+ Capricorn

The Taurus woman will seek in Capricorn the refuge, the oasis of peace and tranquility that she needs . Between both signs there is a total rapport that is related to their common goals. Family is a very important factor for these signs that begin to connect as they put their aspirations on the table. The earth meets the earth and creates a castle full of joy. It can be a very powerful and strong relationship , but also a weak and brittle one.

The two will fight to maintain control of everything material and will begin to try to overshadow themselves. If they have similar goals, they can enter into a competition that will end their common dreams. The Taurus woman will end up giving in to a Capricorn who can be very convincing with his words. On a personal level, they are meant to understand each other , love will flow between them from the first moment and it will be almost impossible for them to get away from each other. It is a relationship forever.

Zodiac signs that are not compatible with Taurus

+ Gemini

Air is not an element that is very good on earth. It may end up erasing all the path that has been made in the past. It is an element that disturbs him and that, in addition, does not define his purposes well. The Taurus woman can see someone different from her in Gemini , but that instability that she reflects will be her main enemy. The changes of opinion and the words that are not specified will unsettle the stable Taurus, the wind will move the intentions of a sign that is instability personified.

There is nothing worse for an earth sign than the insecurity that the air generates, depending on which way the winds are blowing it can even be a different person. They will not be compatible when making decisions, Gemini acts at the moment and Taurus needs to think well each step . It can be a perfect sporadic relationship. The fun will be assured, but not the continuity that will be blocked by the concrete feelings of Taurus and the aimless Gemini . They can be very compatible on a sexual level and learn a lot from each other, in the long term, it is a relationship that requires a lot of attention, so much, that it can be too much for both of you.

+ Leo

The fixed ideas of Taurus will collide with those of Leo . Both want to be right and in such a situation the result can be explosive. Perhaps it is a relationship for life, those who need action in their lives and that spark capable of falling in love, will enjoy this relationship. The spark will be immediate, the fire of Leo will be able to destroy everything in its path, with a Taurus woman who will see the light from her castle. Leo will attract attention immediately , it will be that crush that comes without expecting it, but the impulses are not always as good as one hopes.

You may be tempted to come down from your tower, but at the end of the tour you will meet a prince who looks too much in the mirror and little to her. Leo’s ego may or may not clash with Taurus’ lack of self-esteem. The demands of a woman who wants everything will come face to face with those of a sign that is capable of sending that message abroad, he is everything. Given this relationship, it is only possible to wait, see the fire expand or see how Taurus stands to control Leo’s impulses. It can end up being a relationship that is not forgotten .


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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