How to overcome heartbreak and fear

how to overcome heartbreak and fear

“Play down that feeling.” It is the first thing that Rut Nieves , author of Believe in you , tells us what we must do to overcome anguish and fear .

The anxiety and fear are, as she explains, simply repressed emotions that are within us and all they want is to get out. “What happens when you blow up a balloon? It explodes! Or What happens when you shake a bottle of cava? At first it comes out with great force, but then everything stays calm.” Something similar is what we have to do to control, release and overcome anguish and fear: let them out.  

How to overcome heartbreak and fear

Anguish and fear are emotions that we are storing and storing and storing and that when they come out we can no longer control. The best trick there is to overcome anguish and fear is to use your imagination. “The simplest thing is that, just like when you have to go to the bathroom because you have a need, you go and nothing happens, when you feel fear or anguish, lose your fear of those sensations and allow yourself to feel them without judging them. This is done being aware that it is an emotion that wants to come out and, through imagination, you can de-dramatize them “, he explains and adds:” I recommend that you go to a place that you can be alone (your room or park), you sit, breathe and connect with that emotion so that it comes out and, above all, do not be scared, do not believe it, it is only energy “.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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