Horoscope: the compatibility of Aquarius with the same sign

the compatibility of Aquarius with the same sign

There are those who say that Aquarians are weak and that they cannot take care of themselves, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a passionate sign that, in general, when they are single, they are always looking for someone to have fun with for a while. The horoscope can help you find someone you are compatible with. On this occasion, we focus on discovering if Aquarians could form a beautiful couple with someone of the same sign. We ask the horoscope if Aquarians are compatible in love with someone of the same sign.

Are Aquarians compatible with the same sign?

Aquarians are very fanciful. They always enjoy imagining romantic situations in which their partner surprises them and they melt. They are the signs that like to be paid a lot of attention, and they also love to be very on top of their partners. And in that sense, an Aquarius would be a good match with someone of the same sign.

However, the signs of the air element, as in this case, are not entirely compatible with other air. Their love was possibly sudden and it did not take long to grow because they are quite enamored people.

Aquarians are sometimes very jealous and possessive of their partner, although they also need their moments of independence. It bothers them that their lover associates with certain people whom they consider ‘dangerous’. In many cases, this feeling hides a lack of self-esteem. For this reason, and for many others , an Aquarius who has another of the same sign as a partner, will fight with his love. They will have to make the effort to forget what separates them and focus on what unites them.

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